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(June 2020)

AI based Design Management and Architectural Practice


Vishal Rai, Kshitij Kumar Sinha, Zarqa Rehman, Chanchal Soni

Pages: 78-85


The increasing complexity of current design projects has fuelled the urgent need for an innovative management approach to design. This research paper aims to evaluate the effective tools and practices used in architectural firms in New Delhi for design management.

The design process is iterative, and analysis is frequently done through synthesis. The design managers operate in knowledge-intensive companies that cannot be governed only by the establishment of rules and processes. Design itself is a complex field, hence managing design becomes critical. Therefore, it also becomes critical for architectural firms to make robust strategies in place to manage the entire process to keep within the realistic scope, schedule, and time framework. The notional loss in terms of motivation to mitigate the design management practices. To keep in check, the architectural firms are oriented in design management practices in day to day working. There is a wide range of design management principles, we are currently focusing on majorly five components, namely, the Role of Design Managers in a firm, Design Communication, Design Coordination, Technology Integration and lastly the Future Prospects of design management.

Keywords: Design, Management, BIM, Architecture, Communication, Coordination