International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2024)

Psycho-Educational Challenges Faced by Dalit Women in P. Sivakami’s Novels: The Grip of Change and The Taming of Women


Reena P. George, Dr. A. Amaladoss & Dr. Dr. Shabih Abbas Jafri

Pages: 1-5


Dalit women who are placed at the lowest strata in society, face discrimination in all forms of their personal life, educational life, psychological life, and social life in India. P. Sivakami in her literary works highlights exploitation, suffering, lack of employment, and psycho-educational and social problems faced by Dalit women at various levels. Education is the weapon and the tool for the marginalised community including Dalits not only in India but also in Tamil Nadu. This research paper analyses the various educational challenges faced by Dalit women in P. Sivakami’s novels: The Grip of Change and The Taming of Women. These novels contain themes narrating the illiteracy of Dalit women, gender bias in education, degradation, lack of motivation, anxiety, sexual abuse, depression, violence and atrocities, educational scholarships, and the social stigma on Dalit women. Even educated Dalit women still in the 21st century face issues in every sphere of life. Hence, the researcher is using the review of literature as the source of data to explore the psycho-educational challenges of Dalit women in Tamil Nadu. This study is based on the descriptive, qualitative, and deductive approaches to justify the various objectives. The paper highlights the urgent need for education, required interventions, and proper implementation of welfare schemes for the development of Dalit women and their communities. It also demands responsibilities from all citizens, educational institutions, and governments for their well-being.