International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2024)

Education and Women Empowerment among Tribal Women


Dr. K. Prema., & Sheena Mol PR

Pages: 50-54


Education is said to be the greatest weapon that can change the world. Education for women is important because it makes them empowered, independent and help them to make self- confident. Women empowerment means accepting women's opinions, encouraging them to take on new venture educating girl children, and creating awareness of self-worth and confidence. It also means that empowering the women by promoting their participation in all areas including economic, social, political, cultural and all other sectors of the society. Wayanad have the largest tribal population in Kerala with eight scheduled tribes. To identify the problems of tribal women empowerment the investigator would like to study the educational status of tribal women. To know about their condition the investigator conducted a survey among tribal women from Chekady village, a remote tribal area in Wayanad. For this purpose, data collected from girl students and women from tribal community. Respondence are between the age group 12-35 were selected for the study. Among the tribal women in Wayanad, the number of women who have been able to reach the forefront of society due to the influence of education. Findings of the study shows that limitations of education can still be seen among women in tribal areas. And it concludes that for women empowerment to take effect, good education must be imparted among Tribal Women.