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(June 2012)

Struggling with the Body: A Study of the Novel Strange Obsession

Authors: Dr. Naresh K. Vats

Pages: 1-5


Strange Obsession tells about the obsession of a psychotic woman with an attractive young. The article attempts to study the neurotic personality of Minx, the only and spoiled child of an Inspector General of Police, who ends up into a maniac and lesbian. She had a miserable childhood as a result of her father's transfers and her mother's social work. In this novel De has focused more on the psychopathological aspect of Minx's personality which has prevented the balanced development of her character. Her clever manipulation of her surroundings and her ruthless behaviour assume criminal dimensions. Like in her other novels, in Strange Obsessions too Shobha De brings out the absurdities of life in high-society of Bombay. De treats the subject of sex elaborately; the sadistic homosexual tendencies of Minx present the height of alternative sexuality.