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(March 2012)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Improve the attitude and perception abilities through Multimedia in Biology

Authors : Dr. K. Nachimuthu

Abstract : Multimedia means, combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video and interactivity content forms delivered electronically. Multimedia may be broadly divided into ...See More

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Title : Role of Social Maturity in Academic Achievement of High School Students

Authors : Dr. Surjit Singh Puar, Dr. Praveen Thukral

Abstract : The present study has been designed to investigate the relationship and contribution of social maturity in the academic achievement of high school students along with other v...See More

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Title : Electronic Media Based E-Education Model for Media Persons

Authors : Adesh Kumar Pandey

Abstract : E-education is distinctively and widely acknowledged for it‟s exhaustive utilization of information and communication technologies for teaching – learning proces...See More

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Title : Teaching Aptitude of Harijan Madhymik Vidayalya Teachers in Relation to their Teaching Competency and Organizational Climate

Authors : Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena

Abstract : The present research investigation aims at studying teaching aptitude of Harijan Madhymik Vidayalya teachers in relation to their teaching competency and organizational clima...See More

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Title : Post Graduate Students Attitude towards the use of Internet

Authors : Dr. G. R. Angadi

Abstract : This study aims at revealing post graduate students attitudes towards the use of Internet at Rani Channamma University of Belagavi, jurisdiction. Internet is a useful tool fo...See More

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Title : Role of depression in Personality of Adolescent Boys and Girls – A Survey

Authors : Geeta Rani

Abstract : The responsibility of making a country great rests on the shoulders of the young generation known as youth. It is the youth only who can and will change the image of our coun...See More

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Title : Strategies for Employee Retention in Indian Higher Education System

Authors : [1] Sachin Jadhav [2] Swati Jadhav. [3] Lavanya M

Abstract : Employee retention represents the methods employed by the management to help the employees to work with the organization for a long time. "Great vision without great people ...See More

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Title : Awareness and Knowledge about HIV/AIDS among Panjab University Students

Authors : [1] Puneet Sandhu [2] Dr. Dazy Zarabi

Abstract : HIV is a behavior related disease in which awareness and knowledge with regard to HIV and AIDS could influence the course of its spread. The National Behavioral Surveillance ...See More

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Title : gdgsdgdg

Authors : sgsagasg

Abstract : gasgas

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Title : sdgsdg

Authors : dgdg

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Title : Analysis of Online Learning - Boon or Bane

Authors : Ajay Kumar

Abstract : Online learning is helping numerous students in achieving their targets without going into the classrooms in person. This essay is written from a rural student’s point ...See More

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Title : Improving Phonological Skill in Government Primary School Student of Low Socioeconomic Status with Different Mother Tongue

Authors : Kamala. V

Abstract : Phonological awareness is critical for learning to read any language. There are differences in phonological awareness between children according to their number of letters kno...See More

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Title : Factors Influencing Performance Of Degree College Students In Examination: A Basic Approach

Authors : Subjective knowledge of students of degree colleges is adjudged on the basis of mid term and end term examinations. For undergraduate and postgraduate courses, degree colleges in India are either affiliated to private universities, state universities or central universities. Accordingly examinations are taken semester wise or annually as per the affiliated university rules. Overall performance of student is the outcome of marks obtained in sessional and final examinations. A planned and systematic preparation is required by the students to face the examinations for achieving best result. Question arises in the minds of every academician and psychologists, how to prepare for examinations and what are the factors influencing exam preparation! Present paper is an attempt to provide guidelines to follow for degree college students for optimum results in examinations. Factors which may influence examination preparation are also discussed. A simpler approach, which is easy to understand is discussed. A survey conducted on 160 undergraduate students of Chinmaya Degree College, Haridwar revealed: 21% of girl students underperformed as they chosen the science stream because of their friends, 5% students underperformed due to financial crisis.

Abstract : Subjective knowledge of students of degree colleges is adjudged on the basis of mid term and end term examinations. For undergraduate and postgraduate courses, degree colleges...See More

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Title : Petunia health

Authors :


Abstract : 4

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Title : Petunia health 3

Authors :


Abstract : 4

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