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(March 2021)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Role of Women Empowerment in Wia (Women’s Indian Association)

Authors : B. Meharunnisha

Abstract : The year 1917 was significant for many reasons. The important one is the formation of Women’s Indian Association (WIA). This association was started at Adayar, Madras o...See More

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Title : A Study on Psychological Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown in Students

Authors : Vasudevan M , R.J.T. Nirmal Raj

Abstract : Mental health is overlooked by people very often. The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health people of all age groups, but also during these times the impo...See More

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Title : Analysis of Online Learning - Boon or Bane

Authors : Ajay Kumar

Abstract : Online learning is helping numerous students in achieving their targets without going into the classrooms in person. This essay is written from a rural student’s point ...See More

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Title : Improving Phonological Skill in Government Primary School Student of Low Socioeconomic Status with Different Mother Tongue

Authors : Kamala. V

Abstract : Phonological awareness is critical for learning to read any language. There are differences in phonological awareness between children according to their number of letters kno...See More

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Title : Factors Influencing Performance Of Degree College Students In Examination: A Basic Approach

Authors : Dr. Sandhya Vaid

Abstract : Subjective knowledge of students of degree colleges is adjudged on the basis of mid term and end term examinations. For undergraduate and postgraduate courses, degree colleges...See More

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Title : Internal Quest For Security : A Study of Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines

Authors : Dr. Ritu Sharma

Abstract : Indian writing in English has achieved a significant place in world literature. Among the literary stars Indian talent is not only shining equal with British and American writ...See More

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Title : Difficult Daughters : The Search for Autonomy and Separate Identity

Authors : Dr. Ashish Gupta

Abstract : Manju Kapur portrays such type of characters who are the strong rebels. She presents women as an individual who fights against suppression and oppression of patriarchy. Her no...See More

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Title : Personality Development- Qualities of a Leader

Authors : Mrs. Rati Rai

Abstract : Therefore, anyone aspiring to leadership should know the skills that effective leaders have and ways in which they may be developed. The book concludes with this chapter on pe...See More

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Title : The Status of Education : Its Role and Importance in A Developing Country

Authors : Namrah Rizvi

Abstract : Education is a thing we blame if someone behaves wrong and it is the first thing of course we credit if oneself behaves well and in order. It means that Education is not only ...See More

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Title : An Analysis of Present Secondary School Science Textbooks in Developing The Components of Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Authors : Karbagaselvi. C. , Dr. Suma K.O

Abstract : The objectives of this research is to study what extent the content of a secondary school science textbook in schools of Kerala are helpful to develop Logical mathematical int...See More

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Title : Influence of Self-efficacy and Select Demographic Variables on Psychological Distress of Married Women

Authors : Deepa Mary Thomas , Manikandan, K

Abstract : Well being of women is an integral aspect of family. Mental health of women will reflect in her relationships, performance, and child rearing practices. Achievement of positiv...See More

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Title : Payments Bank: A Pioneering Catalyst for Digital Economy- An Empirical Study on The Woman Customers’ Adoption and Satisfaction

Authors : Naseera Beevi. N. , Dr. Kalarani. T. G.

Abstract : The Indian financial system has undergone incredible transformations since 1991.The banking sector is one of the few, which is performing remarkably good after liberalization ...See More

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Title : Critical Thinking as a Response to Stress, Mental Health and COVID-19 in Common Man's Life

Authors : Fathima Mushrifa

Abstract : COVID 19 is a deadly pandemic disorder that emerged on December 31 in China. The widespread the pandemic has been swaying away millions of lives through its pre and post-pande...See More

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Title : Classroom Management – Conceptual Gaps and Requirements in Teacher Education

Authors : Dr. Vini Sebastian

Abstract : focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive during a class. The skills of classroom management are acquired during the B.Ed. course and imparted to student teache...See More

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Title : Systematic Review of Association Between Rape Myth Acceptance and Media

Authors : Snigdha Jindal , Dr. Priyanka Tiwari

Abstract : Rape myths are false beliefs of an individual with regards to rape, rapists and the victims which can be categorized as prejudicial and stereotyped; rape myth acceptance refer...See More

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Title : A Study on Effectiveness in Adoption of E-learning Tools by Media Students in Times of Pandemic in The Mumbai Region

Authors : Ms. Pritika Mahesh Khedwal

Abstract : The researcher aims to understand the effectiveness in adoption of e-learning tools among media students within Mumbai region. The researcher further aims to understand their ...See More

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Title : Comparison of Social Skills of Secondary School Students in terms of Gender and Type of Family

Authors : Dr. Purnima Srivastava , Archana Mittal

Abstract : Social skills help an individual to behave according to the social norms and able him to be adjusted in the society. The present research aims to study the social skills of th...See More

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Title : A Study on the Educational Experiences of the Children with Disabilities Studying in Special Schools in Guwahati City, Assam

Authors : Ms. Bhargavi Das

Abstract : Education is an inherent right for every child irrespective of their caste, class, status, religion etc. Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) enumera...See More

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Title : Collaborative Action Research: As A Means of Empowering Science Education and Professional Development of Science Teachers

Authors : Dr. Ajeet Kumar Rai , Jaya Mukherji

Abstract : One major issue in Science Education Research is that it is infected with the problem of non-translation of research findings into classroom practices. There are many mechanis...See More

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Title : Demystifying Cloistered Etcetera of SL Acquisition

Authors : Dr. Laxman Jogdand

Abstract : Among the myriad of espoused hypothetical convictions, none could withstand cropping importunity of instant access to English proficiency in India. Historical records with aut...See More

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Title : Research on Subject area of Psychology in India: Scientometric Study

Authors : Praveen B. Hulloli

Abstract : This paper research study focused on field of Psychology subject in India, total twenty years during the year 2001 to 2020, data downloaded from WoS. Total papers published nu...See More

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Title : Best Practices for Creating a Meaningful Classroom

Authors : Pummy Sheoran

Abstract : Education is a systematic process of providing knowledge, skills, values, and experiences that prepare an individual for life, work, responsible citizenship, and meaningful co...See More

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Title : Open Educational Mobile Application Development Affecting Studies

Authors : Rutuja Hemant Kotkar

Abstract : The current scenario of the world related to studies is abstracted. Due to lockdown in many areas and the situation of COVID, schools are shut down which is affecting students...See More

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Title : Learning and Thinking Style

Authors : Manish Kumar Singh , Dr. Neeta Singh

Abstract : Individuals demonstrate different learning and thinking styles in different contexts, adding new ways to process information and thereby improving them to make better decision...See More

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Title : Self Confidence of Students: Participation in Outdoor and Indoor Sports

Authors : Dr. Mahendra Balasaheb Patil

Abstract : The purpose behind this investigation is to find out whether the Self Confidence of students are affect by participation in outdoor or indoor sports, for this investigation Pu...See More

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Title : A Study on the Achievement Motivation among Tribal and Non-Tribal Students in Relation to their Academic Achievement with Special Reference to Purnia, Bihar

Authors : Aju Kurian

Abstract : Education is a whole person development designed to inculcate knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to empower individuals to cope efficiently with their environment. Howe...See More

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Title : Smart People for Sustainable Smart Cities

Authors : Dr. Remya Ravi

Abstract : India, a developing economy provides tremendous opportunities for economic development and operational efficiency. In the era of digitalisation, Smart cities have drawn attent...See More

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Title : Effect of Sex Matching of Siblings on Emotional Development

Authors : Dr. Simi Shrivastava

Abstract : A special part of the family is the siblings. The brothers and sisters influence each other in their relationship providing physical and emotional contact at critical stages t...See More

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Title : Buddhist Ethics and the Application of Non-violence for Attaining World Peace

Authors : Nijara Medhi

Abstract : This paper epitomizes an attempt presenting Buddhists concept of non-violence or ahi? sa, and for attaining world peace. The concept of non-violence is the worldwide tendency ...See More

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Title : Becoming Psychological Well- being: Do's and Don'ts

Authors : Sandeep Kumar

Abstract : Becoming psychological well-being and mentally healthy is necessity of the changing world. The rapid changeshappening around make it necessary to learn to be happy and adjust ...See More

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