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IJEPR | International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

(Print and Online Peer Reviewed Journal)

Print - ISSN: 2349 - 0853
e - ISSN: 2279 - 0179


(December 2021)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Evaluation of Burnout among Nurses working in the Emergency Wards of Private Hospitals in Guwahati, Assam

Authors :

Meghna Vesvikar , Ananya Parashar

Abstract : Studies carried out across various countries state that nurses experience a lot of pressure in their job and have exhibitedburnout. This research studies the possibility of bu...See More

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Title : Perceived Stress, Mindfulness and Well-being among Adolescents

Authors :

Shashikant Hari Khalane , Mrs. Sonali Shantaram Bagul

Abstract : Stress is an inevitable part of an individual’s life. A person interprets environmental events based on their values and resourcesand reacts physiologically, psychologically...See More

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Title : On The Change of Consumer Behaviour in the use of Finger Millet in the Daily Food System with Special Reference to Kolar District, Karnataka State

Authors :

Devarajappa S. N. [

Abstract : Ragi is the main source of food for the poor people especially in rural Southern Karnataka. It is called in nick name asBADAVARA GANJI in the olden days. By this all the below...See More

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Title : Challenges of Primary Education in Garo Community in Bangladesh

Authors :

Akter Banu 

Abstract : Bangladesh is the land of diverse ethnic, religious and linguistic societies. Along with the mainstream people, there are about 46different ethnic minority groups of people li...See More

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Title : A Systematic Review on Aggressive Behaviour of Adolescents with Relation to Their Family Environment and School Environment

Authors :

Tusar Kanti Dwari

Abstract : Society has seen an increase in the incidents of aggression or violence among youth. There are various factors of aggression likeindividual, biological, genetic and environmen...See More

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Title : Issues and Perspectives on Women’s Higher Education

Authors :

Dr. Srinath T. K. , Sowmya N.

Abstract : Education is important in one's life as it is the fundamental aspect of success. Education provides knowledge, increases ourskills, and helps in decision making every woman de...See More

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Title : A Study on the Environmental Awareness of Students Studying at Secondary Level in Government Schools of South Sikkim

Authors :

Dr. Dona Rai , Ms. Parumita Rai 

Abstract : We all are grateful for what our environment has and is giving us for our survival. It is much needed to transfer this knowledge toyounger generation and so incorporation of e...See More

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Title : Impact of Skill Training on Behaviour, Performance & Grooming of Children

Authors :

Dr. Shruti Marwaha , Veena , Nafisa Bhinderwala , Geetika Nanda 

Abstract : Childhood is a precious stage in human life span. It is believed that childhood is the storehouse of habit formation and valueintegration. It is the right time to develop a st...See More

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Title : Effect of Co-operative Learning on Achievement Motivation and Prosocial Behaviour of Secondary School Students: An Experimental Study

Authors :

Md. Fahim Alam , Dr. Zafar Iqbal Zaidi

Abstract : Better Achievement is only possible when the students are motivated with sound prosocial behaviour. It is in fact students need Motivation for their Academic and Behaviour ...See More

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Title : Effect of Presence of Intellectually Disabled Child on The Emotional Development of Normal Siblings

Authors :

Dr. Simi Shrivastava

Abstract : Intellectual disability is not a disease or a simple entity. It is a term applied to a condition of retarded mental developmentpresent at birth or in early childhood and is ch...See More

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Title : Value Oriented Teacher Education

Authors :

Renu Chaudhary

Abstract : Teachers are the symbol of excellence and play a very vital role. A teacher not only influences the new generation and theupcoming workforce but also have greater responsibili...See More

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Title : Significant Role of Guidance and Counselling for Special Learners

Authors :

Mr. Ranjit Taku

Abstract : We are human being. As human being man needs guidance throughout our life. So in that sense guidance is a lifelong process andhe or she needs it even from his or her infancy. ...See More

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