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(June 2014)

Article Title and Authors

Title : A Study of Teacher’s Role Commitment in Private and Government Degree Colleges of Ghaziabad

Authors : Ms. Bhawna Sethi

Abstract : Teachers are transporters of either positive or negative performance towards their ultimate learners. Teachers ought to be devoted to their career so that they can pass enthu...See More

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Title : Effect of Integrated Syntax of Advance Organizer Model and Inductive Thinking Model on Attitude towards Mathematics and Reaction towards Integration of Models

Authors : [1] Dr. Puneet Walia [2] Pooja Walia

Abstract : Mathematics being application oriented subject expects students to apply their knowledge after thinking, reasoning, analyzing and generalizing principles. Traditional approac...See More

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Title : Introspection of Swami Vivekananda’s Philosophy in the Curriculum of Family and Community Resource Management

Authors : [1] Dr. Neerja Jaiswal [2] Mrs. Swetabahen D. Mesaria [3] Ms. Vashima Veerkumar

Abstract : The Family and Community Resource Management is one of the discipline under Family and Community Sciences. The Family and Community Resource Management is a dynamic and ever ...See More

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Title : Emotional Intelligence and Self Concept of B.Ed Students.

Authors : [1] Pushpa. M [2] Prof. K. Yeshodhara

Abstract : The present study examines the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Self concept of B.Ed students. Emotional Intelligence and Self Concept inventory was administer...See More

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Title : Attitude of Regular Teacher, Parents, Stakeholders and Community Members Towards Inclusion of CWSN {Children With Special Needs}

Authors : Anusuya K. Yadav

Abstract : In this present situation approximately 113 million children do not have the opportunity to get enrolled in primary schools. Lewin (2000) highlights the potential for trainin...See More

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Title : The Influence of Self Concept and Home Environment on the Academic Achievement of selected Secondary School Dalit and Non- Dalit Students of Five Districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Authors : [1] Jansi, A.M. [2] Bhuvaneswara Lakshmi, G

Abstract : Caste is a strong sociological factor which affects the Indian society. Owing to discrimination, conducive academic environment and home environment is far from the reach eve...See More

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Title : Religious Attitude, Modernization and Aggression of College Going Students and Its Impact on Their Academic Achievement

Authors : [1] Dr. Parveen Kumar [2] Archana Mitta

Abstract : Students are the future of the nation. Factors that influence the students’academic achievement include personal factors, emotional factors as well as social factors. ...See More

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Title : Effect of Gender and Stream on Depression among Adolescents

Authors : Vandana Sharma

Abstract : The current study was attempted to examine the effect of gender and stream on depression among adolescents. A sample of 300 adolescents (150 boys and 150 girls studying in XI...See More

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Title : Job Involvement of Secondary School Teachers and Its Effect on Teaching Competency

Authors : [1] Dr. Narayanaswamy. M [2] Shalini Rao. N

Abstract : A teacher may be highly involved in his job but may not derive any satisfaction in it. When his involvement in his profession is greater, competency in his work will also inc...See More

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Title : A Study on The Environmental Awareness Among Secondary School Students in a District of Kerala State

Authors : GeethaGopinath

Abstract : The present investigation reveals the level of environmental awareness of Secondary School students in a district of KeralaState based on gender, locale of study and medium o...See More

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Title : Teachers’Absenteeism in Primary Schools of Tinsukia District of Assam

Authors : Dr. Anjan Saikia

Abstract : In this study aimed at to determine teacher’s absenteeism rate and specific reasons in government run elementary schools. The population of the present study was 10 (t...See More

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Title : Brain Based Teaching Approach – A New Paradigm of Teaching

Authors : [1] Binu Mariam Thomas [2] Dr. S. Srikanta Swamy

Abstract : The aim of the study is to investigate the impact of brain-based teaching approach (BBTA) on the academic achievement of the secondary school students in relation to their is...See More

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Title : Development of Conceptual Change and Understanding in Children

Authors : Charu Sharma

Abstract : The study explored conceptual development and understanding in children across different age groups from a developmental psychology perspective. The aim was to investigate de...See More

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Title : Cognitive Styles and Problem Solving Ability of Under Graduate Students

Authors : Dr. Parkash Chandra Jena

Abstract : The purpose of the study is to find out the difference in cognitive styles undergraduate students in relation to their problem solving ability. The investigator has taken 300...See More

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Title : Quality of Work Life: Perception of School Teachers

Authors : Manju N. D

Abstract : The research study was taken to investigate the quality of work life of secondary school teachers. The sample of 100 Secondary School Teachers from Mysore City was selected t...See More

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Title : Organizational Role Stress and Burnout Among Government and Private School Teachers in Delhi City: A Comparative Study

Authors : [1] Dr. Gopal Chandra Mahakud [2] Dimple Bajaj

Abstract : Studies on Organizational Role stress and Burnout of employees have been conducted in various occupational sectors. Although several studies have been reported in field of me...See More

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Title : Socio – Cultural Correlates of Cognitive Style: A Study of Primary School Children

Authors : [1] Manjari Srivastava [2] Madhu Asthana

Abstract : The present study was concerned with the investigation of the effect of some socio – cultural variables on cognitive style among primary school children. The sample co...See More

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Title : Environmental Values amongst Prospective School Teachers from Tribal Community

Authors : [1] Vidhya Meena [2] Prof. (Dr.) K.M. Goyal

Abstract : Present piece of work was designed keeping in mind the importance of teacher to trained and inculcate the values in next generation. The values which Prospective teachers hav...See More

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Title : A Study on Cultural Values, Morality and Professional Ethics of High School Teachers

Authors : [1] V. Dhinakaran [2] Dr. R. Sivakumar

Abstract : The present study aims to relationship between cultural values, morality and professional ethics of high school teachers. A samples of 800 samples selected randomly were stud...See More

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Title : Time Management – An Effective Tool for Stress Management

Authors :

Afeefa Thaqib

Abstract : Stress is an indispensable part of life. No one can’t escape from a stressful situation. Stress can be reduced and managed by usingcertain techniques. The techniques th...See More

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