International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2016)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Self-Concept and Its Relation to Academic Achievement

Authors : [1] Dr. Gopal Chandra Mahakud [2] Mrs. Renu Joshi

Abstract : Self Concept is the perception of one-selves involving his/her attitudes, feelings and knowledge about skills, abilities, appearance and social acceptability. Self concept is...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Group Counselling in Enhancing Life Skills of Marginally Intelligent Students

Authors : [1] Asma Tabassum [2] Bangalore N Roopesh [3] Jyoti S Madgaonkar

Abstract : Marginally intelligent children constitute a significant part of the student population and usually have issues like poor academics, poor problem solving skills, slow informa...See More

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Title : Influence of Mental Health on Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students

Authors : Dr. Sheeraz Ahmad Rathe

Abstract : This study was conducted on 544 secondary school students to find out the influence of Mental Health (MH) on Academic Achievement. The investigator hypothesized that there is...See More

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Title : Democratic Educational Administration as Potential Contributors to Learning Environment in Colleges

Authors : Dr. Shafayat Ahmad

Abstract : In the present study the author has attempted to find out the prevailing type of administration in government and private colleges contributing to the learning environment. D...See More

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Title : Indian Higher Education System & futuristic role of the Registrar

Authors : Thomas Mathew

Abstract : Higher Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and can lay a foundation for sustained economic growth. In view of this it is imp...See More

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Title : Learning Styles among High School, Pre-University and Degree Students

Authors : [1 ]Nivedhitha C.P. [2] Chetan S.V.

Abstract : This study aimed at exploring visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic learning styles among high school, pre-university and degree students. The sample consisted of a total...See More

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Title : Two Sides of the Coin: A Qualitative Course-Based Study of the Lived Experiences of Child and Youth Care Students

Authors : [1] Shasily Matowe [2] Michelle Ibbotson [3] Linda Agyemang [4] Jacky Lam [5] Gerard Bellefeuille

Abstract : Child and Youth Care (CYC) practice is, in essence, ethical work because it seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable children, youth, and families and, in the process, is dir...See More

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Title : Work life Balance & Employee Engagement- Concepts revisited

Authors : Toyaz Shekhar

Abstract : The main goal of this paper is to understand the relationship between work life balance & Employee Engagement. Further this paper highlights contextual factors affecting Empl...See More

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Title : Anatomization of Anomie as Psychological Construct

Authors : [1] Sonakshi Ruhela [2] Prof (Dr.) Abha Singh

Abstract : Durkheim referred to anomie as the generalized condition of meaninglessness &disorder in modern; mass society. Durkheim supported that social curbs are necessary for the regu...See More

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Title : Domestic Violence Subjected to Legal and Cultural Pressure

Authors : [1] Nazanin Boujarian [2] Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Tajudin Ninggal [3] Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ssekamanya Siraje Abdallah

Abstract : A society based on patriarchal structure brings lots of discriminations against females in family and society, so different violent relationships appear mainly targeting wome...See More

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Title : Creativity of Secondary School Students in Relation to Their Adjustment: A Study in The North West Educational Block of Jorhat District, Assam

Authors : [1] Bidisha Borchetia [2] Dr. (Mrs) Mun Kalita

Abstract : Creativity is understood as a process which produces something new as well as useful. It is the process of developing original, novel and yet appropriate response to a prob...See More

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Title : Analysis of The Correlation and Causal Relationship Between Focus Factor and Achievement in Mathemetics

Authors : [1] Shruti Marwaha [2] Geetika Seth

Abstract : Focus Factor in humans has an initial & final value. The desired value lies between these two values. After calibrating the current cognition value, we can work to encompass ...See More

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Title : A Study on Perspective of Educational Professionals Towards Inclusive Education

Authors : [1] Shruti Pandey [2] Dr. Geeta Rani Sharma

Abstract : Early attempts at integration essentially attempted to place children with special need in the regular system, with supports going to the student, but little change in the st...See More

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Title : Social Contributions of Raja Rammohan Roy : Present Perspective

Authors : Aisharya De

Abstract : In the national life of present day India, the life and work of Raja Rammohan Roy are still of great importance. His life and thoughts are still significant today for moving ...See More

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Title : Test Anxiety and Academic achievement: A Correlative study among Undergraduate level students in Assam, India

Authors : Dr. Rantu Gohain

Abstract : The present study focuses on the relationship between the test anxiety and academic achievement of undergraduate level students under Dibrugarh university of Assam. It also t...See More

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Title : Adjustment to college in the United States - Perceptions of Qatari students

Authors : [1] Janet Shakuntala Walker [2] Jennifer Blakeslee [3] Batoul Khalifa [4] Atmane Ikhlef [5] Ramzi Nasser

Abstract : Ensuring the success of Qatari students in higher education is a national priority to address the needs of Qatar’s growing economy. Many Qatari students are earning po...See More

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