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(June 2016)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Optimism in Relation to Well-being, Resilience, and Perceived Stress

Authors : [1]Sandeep Panchal [2] Swati Mukherjee [3] Updesh Kumar

Abstract : The purpose of the study was to explore the relationships between optimism, well-being, resilience and perceived stress among undergraduates. The sample consists of 181 stude...See More

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Title : Gender and Group Entitativity: A study of Prejudice and Aggression among University students of Delhi towards Afghan Immigrants

Authors : Akanksha Dochania

Abstract : Afghanistan is gauged and considered as one of the most dangerous countries, listing at number five (Rogers, 2015). Howbeit, India and Afghanistan have since centuries shared...See More

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Title : Influence of Western Knowledge and Culture upon Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and his Philosophy of Education Influence of Western Knowledge and Culture upon Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and his Philosophy of Education

Authors : 1़ Dr. Akter Banu 2. Md. Shafiqul Alam

Abstract : Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar belonged to Indian enlightened community. His ideas of education and enthusiasm were really fruitful and influential to the Indian people. His contr...See More

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Title : A study on the Relationship between Field Dependent-Independent (FD-I) Cognitive Style and Brain Dominance among College Students

Authors : [1] Varun M. [2] Shobana Priya. S. [3] Thamil selvan. P

Abstract : Previous study examined the Gaze pattern of individuals differing in FD-I cognitive style and finding revealed the difference in Blink count, Saccade count and Fixations. Cog...See More

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Title : Social Rhythm in Psychiatry

Authors : [1] Raja Upadhyay [2] Mir Insha Ali [3] Mohit Kuma

Abstract : This paper looks at Social rhythm from a psychiatric and mental health viewpoint. Like biological rhythm, social rhythm also plays an important role in the functioning of an ...See More

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Title : Mobile Phone Addiction among college going students in Shillong

Authors : [1] Dr. Yodida Bhutia [2] Miss. Amanda Tariang

Abstract : Mobile phones are known to be hugely popular among the youth. The youth are the most susceptible to developing mobile phone addiction because they are considered to be the he...See More

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Title : Right to Work : An Ingenious Labor Legislation

Authors : Bhavna Batra

Abstract : The Constitution of India provides very specifically about the right to work. Despite these declarations, we have not been successful in promoting the right to work. The ques...See More

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Title : Internet Addiction and Mental Health of Higher Secondary Level Students

Authors : [1] Binita Fonia [2] Prof. Sunita Godiyal [3] Dr. Madan Mohan Uniyal

Abstract : In present time Internet has become very important in our life which cannot be ignored. The last decade there has been an explosive growth in the use of internet not only in ...See More

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Title : Adolescent Attitude Towards Life: A Study

Authors : [1] Sujitha. R [2] Dr. Subhashini. R

Abstract : An attitude is an expression of favour or disfavour towards a person, place, thing or event. Attitude as defined 1) Manner, disposition, feeling, position etc. with regard to...See More

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Title : Resilience Attitude of High School Teachers

Authors : Dr. A. Balamallika Devi [2] A. Umamaheswari

Abstract : Attitude is the strongest weapon to achieve goals and adjust the environment. Resilience teachers are one, who works well, loves well, adjusts well, and plays well. This pape...See More

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Title : Self-Efficacy and Self-Concept as Predictors of Occupational Aspiration of Adolescents

Authors : Dr. Md. Mahmood Alam

Abstract : In this study, the relationships between self-efficacy, self-concept and occupational aspiration of adolescents were examined. Simple random sampling technique was used in th...See More

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Title : Psychological Well-Being Amongst Women Professionals in Different Spheres of Work-Life

Authors : [1] Soumya Sharma [2] R.K. Sokhi

Abstract : The present research study examines the role of profession in determining psychological well being amongst working women. For the purpose of the present study, a sample of 18...See More

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Title : An Experiment with True Education

Authors : Dr. Geeta Shetty

Abstract : Education has taken great strides from being a passive process of information transmission to becoming an active phenomenon of development of knowledge. Educationists take gr...See More

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Title : Role of Public Universities in Management Education in Uttar Pradesh

Authors : [1] Srivastava Vivek [2] Rai Alok Kumar

Abstract : There has been rapid growth of demand of management graduates to cater to the need of growing economy of India. Presently, proliferation of management institutions in India h...See More

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Title : Analyzing the link between Domestic Violence and Study Skills in multiple context

Authors : Dr. Nisanth. P.M.

Abstract : Domestic violence is one of the common experiences in most of the Indian families. Even though domestic violence gained wide academic attention, most of the studies focused p...See More

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Title : Influence of Spiritual Intelligence on Personality Factors Among College Students

Authors : [1] Madalaimuthu, A. [2] Kadhiravan, S.

Abstract : Spiritual intelligence is essential for achieving oneness. It provides purpose and direction leading to a sense of identity in the minds of people. An attempt was made to exp...See More

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Title : Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Das-Naglieri: Cognitive Assessment System Egyptian Edition: Tests with three Age Groups

Authors : [1] Amal A. M. Sadek [2] Suzanne M. I. Arafa [3] Mohamed A. K. Abdel Ghafar

Abstract : This study aims to measure the psychometric properties of the Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System (D-N CAS-E), and to determine the configural invariance of the four fac...See More

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Title : A Correlational Study of Religious and Paranormal Beliefs among Indians

Authors : Dr. Malik Roshan Ara

Abstract : Beliefs happen to be the most significant indicators of a person’s overall personality and provide us a window on his mental constructs. The study of the paranormal ac...See More

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Title : Appreciation’ about Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for Children with Hearing Impairment by General and Special Educators - A comparative study

Authors : [1] Shobha N Odunavar[1] [2] Devaraju N.B

Abstract : Today’s Education system which has inclusive approach and aimed to meet the mission of holistic development of each and every child irrespective of ability and disabil...See More

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Title : Subjective Happiness and Adjustment among Mizo Adolscents

Authors : Dr. C. Lalfakzuali

Abstract : The present study is an analysis of the psychological variables of Subjective Happiness and Adjustment, comparing these variables among Male and Female Mizo adolescents. Samp...See More

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Title : Prejudice towards Culturally Similar-Dissimilar Immigrants: An Empirical Investigation of Intergroup Threat Theory in Assam

Authors : Rashbha Dochania

Abstract : This study sought to investigate whether the Integrated Threat Theory (ITT) of prejudice (Stephan & Stephan, 1996) explains prejudice towards Bangladeshi and Nepali immigrant...See More

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Title : Psychometric properties of a Chinese version of 12-item Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale for Hong Kong in-service teachers

Authors : [1] Kim Hung Leung [2] Christopher H. K. Cheng

Abstract : Teacher efficacy is a powerful psychological construct which has been found to be significantly relating to positive teacher behaviours and students’outcomes. In view ...See More

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Title : Influence of Metacognition Integrated Learning Package on the Academic Achievement of B.Ed. trainee teachers

Authors : [1] Rishi Kumar [2] Gurkirat Kaur

Abstract : This study was conducted on 100 B.Ed. trainee teachers to find out the influence of Metacognition Integrated Multimedia Learning Package (MIMLP) on the Academic Achievement. ...See More

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Title : Problems of Visually, Hearing and Speech Impaired Children in The Field of Effective Learning

Authors : Bodising Narah

Abstract : Generally, each human being has distinct and unique personality. Specially, everyone differ from others on the basis of physically, mentally, socially and emotionally in lear...See More

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Title : School Climate Perception and Innovative Work Behaviour of School Teachers

Authors : Anurupa Kundu Debdulal Dutta Roy

Abstract : Innovative work behaviour at the individual level depends upon the perception of his/her own working conditions (Daly, 2009). In teaching context, the school climate factors ...See More

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Title : Psycho-Social Development in Relation to other Developmental Domains of Pre-Schoolers-Kilifi Kenya

Authors : Dr. Alice A. Anika

Abstract : The study explored the cognitive, emotional, psychomotor, social and language development of some sampled pre-school children in Kilifi County Kenya. The data collection tool...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Multimedia Instructional Package (MMIP) on Interest in Greening Initiatives and Environmental Accountability among Secondary School Students

Authors : [1] Dr. M. S. Talawar [2] Vijay Kumar. R [3] Dr. S.Thiyagarajan

Abstract : Man is a product of the nature (School of Naturalism) who depends fully on the nature for his entire livelihood in which environment is very closely related to day to day lif...See More

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