International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2016)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Depression among Woking and Non-working Married Women

Authors : Anubha Srivastava

Abstract : Depression is occurring in almost epidemic proportions in modern society (Seligman, 1990). The current study aims to explore the relationship between life satisfaction and de...See More

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Title : Advantages and Limitations of current 2 years curriculum of B.Ed Course.

Authors : [1] Arvinder Kaur [2] Dr. Manju Sharma

Abstract : Teacher-education is a significant part of school education programme. To revise the teacher-education curriculum in accordance with existing needs, to judge the suitability ...See More

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Title : Demographic Factors in Social Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers

Authors : [1] Paul T. M [2] Arjunan N. K

Abstract : The present normative survey was aimed to study the differential effect of selected demographic factors on the social intelligence of secondary school teachers. The Social In...See More

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Title : Behaviour Problems in Children: Prevelence Across Age

Authors : [1] Vidya C [2] Tripathi S. K.

Abstract : The behaviour problems in children may manifest as disturbance in emotions like anxiety or depression, aggression, physical function, psychogenic disorders, mental performanc...See More

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Title : Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Primary Classes: Experience of General Education Teachers

Authors : [1] Dr. Nandini Jayachandran [2] Dr. Immanuel Thomas [3] Dr. Lekshmi. K.

Abstract : Math is a subject that has much applicability in our daily life as it can directly affect the earning capacity and livelihood of a person. This accounts for the increased rel...See More

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Title : A Study on Evolvement of Management Education in India and Its Quality

Authors : Srivastava Vivek

Abstract : Importance of management as organizational practice has increased manifolds because of globalization and consequently education of management has also reached to a level of g...See More

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Title : Impact of School Based Parental Involvement in developing literacy of children with hearing Impairment in Primary School

Authors : [1] Rajesh Kumar [2] Alok Kumar Upadhyay

Abstract : Parental involvement in schools can take place in a range of ways. Among these are (a) volunteering directly in the classroom, (b) Participating in children's activities at s...See More

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Title : Exploring the Features of Metacognition and Achievement Goals in Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning Instruction (POGIL)

Authors : [1] Meharunnisa Karadan [2] Dr. A. Hameed

Abstract : Explosions are occurred all over the world, especially in sociological, technological and economical spheres at the faster rates. The process of education channelizes the stu...See More

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Title : Positive Well Being as a Catalyst for Major Stressful Life Events in College Life

Authors : S. Dharani

Abstract : Life event is a major change in a person’s circumstances that affects or effects interpersonal relationship and leisure activities.This study focuses on major stressfu...See More

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Title : Stress Anxiety and Depression Among Science and Arts Students

Authors : [1] Mohammad Amin Wani [2] Dr. R. Sankar [3] Rakshantha, P. [4] Nivatha A. L. S. [5] Sowparnika C. E. [6] Marak L. D. B

Abstract : In present days stress, anxiety and depression is commonly found among the students globally. These psychological problems badly affect the health of our students. The cardin...See More

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Title : Risks and Realities of mental health of children in conflict with the law

Authors : [1]Purushothaman [1] Kalpana [2] Tripathi S. K

Abstract : Health in general and psychological health in particular; of children in conflict with the law in India does not seem to be a priority or focus area of the juvenile justice s...See More

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Title : Crowding as an Environmental Deterrent: Perspectives of Mental Health

Authors : [1] Hotwani Geetu P. [2] Tripathi S. K

Abstract : The rapid growth of industrialization and lack of opportunity for education & employment in rural areas; rural people migrating to adjacent far off cities in search of liveli...See More

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Title : Self-Regulated Learning: A Motivational Approach for Learning Mathematics

Authors : [1] Dr. Abdul Gafoor. K [2] Abidha Kurukkan

Abstract : Self-regulated learning is identified as a fruitful learning strategy as evidenced from the increase in the number of researches in academic self-regulation since year 2000. ...See More

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Title : Coping strategies and Family environment as predictors of Depression among Adolescents

Authors : Saima Hafiz

Abstract : The present study is aimed at predicting the coping strategies used by adolescents and the influence of family environment on depressive symptoms among adolescents. As depres...See More

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Title : Psychology of Colors: A Review

Authors : Manpreet Ola

Abstract : This review paper focuses on the role of colors on various aspects of our psychology such as our emotions, our personality, arousal levels, etc. It is essential to read about...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Meditation Therapy on The Working Memory and Behavioral Problems of Underachievers at Primary Leve

Authors : [1] S. Goutami [2] Dr. Surendra. Bharsakle

Abstract : Parents are integral part of the early childhood education process. Often educators refer to parents as the child’s “first and best teacher”. But most of t...See More

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Title : Mothers’ Education, Self Concept and Altruism of Secondary School Students

Authors : Arun Kumar

Abstract : The present study tries to explore the effect of mothers’education on Self concept and altruism of secondary school students. For this purpose 100 secondary school stu...See More

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Title : Automated Discrimination of The Learners Attitude in Online Learning

Authors : [1] P. V. Praveen Sundar [2] Dr. A. V. Senthil Kumar

Abstract : Online learning environment is new platform in education arena, which provides handsome of features to the learners. Despite the online learning system seems attractive it is...See More

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Title : World Belief in Parents of Children with Conduct Disorder

Authors : [1] Prateeksha Shetty [2] Bangalore N Roopesh [3] Siddharth Dutt [4] Sneha T.S [5] Dr. Bangalore N Roopesh

Abstract : Background: The hypothesis of ‘Just World Belief’(JWB) states that people have a need to believe that their environment is a just and orderly place where people ...See More

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Title : Voluntary Counselling and Testing Seeking Behaviours Among Public University Students, Coast Region of Kenya

Authors : Dr.Alice A. Anika

Abstract : Voluntary Counselling and testing seeking behaviours are HIV infection preventive practices. This study determined the VCT seeking behaviour patterns of Public University stu...See More

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Title : A Comparative Study between Secondary Level and Tertiary Level Communicative English Language Teaching in Bangladesh

Authors :

Shafaat Bari Ivan , Md. Solaiman Jony

Abstract : Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is the most recent development in Language Teaching which has been termedeffective for communication skills needed to meet the demands of...See More

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