International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2017)

Article Title and Authors

Title : The effect of Token Economy on Negative Symptoms and Non Vocational Domains on Institutionalized Patients with Chronic Schizophrenia: A Prospective Study

Authors : Nandha Kumara Pujam

Abstract : The token economy is a form of treatment intervention based on principles of operant conditioning developed for the patients with schizophrenia and other chronic mental illne...See More

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Title : Trauma, Depression and Stress Among Individuals Living in Flood Affected and Unaffected Areas

Authors : [1] Zeenat Fatima [2] Dr. ShahinaMaqbool

Abstract : Disasters are traumatic events that are dangerous, overwhelming and usually sudden. These are overwhelming because these test the capability of the community and individual t...See More

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Title : Effect of Personal and Demographic Variables on Occupational Stress Among Teacher Educators

Authors : Dr. Pramod Kumar M.P.M

Abstract : Stress, in general, and occupational stress, in particular, is a fact of modern day life that seems to have been on the increase. This study examined occupational stress amon...See More

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Title : Positive Mental Health in the Perspective of Early Childhood Care & Education

Authors : [1] Nagamani Krishnamurthy [2] Dr. Kalpana Venugopal [3] Dr. S. K. Tripathi

Abstract : The rich developmental trend in the first years of life draws the attention of early childhood educators to provide stimulating, engaging and developmentally appropriate prac...See More

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Title : Academic Achievement and Reasoning Ability of Senior Secondary School Students in Relation to Their Gender, Social Category and Stream of Study

Authors : Kanchana Devi

Abstract : The study examined the academic achievement and reasoning ability of senior secondary school students in relation to gender, social category and stream of study. A sample of ...See More

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Title : Attitude of Jaintia Hills Secondary School Teachers towards Teaching Profession

Authors : [1] Riyameka Lapasam [2] Dr. Brinda B. Kharbirymbai

Abstract : Teaching is a noble profession. In order to be a successful teacher one must have a favourable attitude towards the profession. Attitude towards teaching profession is an emo...See More

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Title : Teacher Education – A National Responsibility

Authors : Dr. Geeta S. Shetty

Abstract : The validity of any educational program depends upon how far it is in sync with the needs or the context of the times. India being at the brink of a global make over requires...See More

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Title : Developing Teachers as Counselors – The Empowerment Model

Authors : [1] Dr. Nimrat Singh [2] Ms. Pramila Shashank Silakari

Abstract : Although India’s Education scenario has radically improved over the period of last decade, the learning outcomes of India’s children show little progress. One o...See More

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Title : Impact of Media Violence on the Younger Generation

Authors : Dr. K. Sumita Rao

Abstract : Media violence can be defined as visual portrayals of acts of physical aggression by one human or human-like character against another. This definition has evolved as theorie...See More

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Title : Varying Ways Students Learn – Need for Adjusting Instructional Approaches to their Ways

Authors : [1] Dr. Bharti Dimri [2] Sunil Kumar Pandey

Abstract : There are varying ways of learning, moreover there are various factors that affect it. The interplay between intelligence, learning ways and teaching methods make teaching ...See More

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Title : Drama to Brace The Skills of Stimulus Variation Among Prospective Teachers

Authors : Smitha Jose

Abstract : Drama is an important instructional method, which helps individuals to develop themselves in multi dimensions by empathize with others. It helps the students and teachers to ...See More

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Title : Relation between Self-esteem, Parenting Style and Timidity among children

Authors : [1] Zahira, M. A. [2] C. Jayan

Abstract : The study is attempted to explore the relationship between self-esteem, parenting style and timidity among children. A sample of 100 students selected from different schools ...See More

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Title : Impact of Socio Economic Status on The English Reading Comprehension of The First Year Pre-university Students in Mangalore Taluk

Authors : [1] Mareena Seema Sequeira [2] Dr. Lourdusami

Abstract : The present study aims to find out how the socio economic background and the reading habits of the undergraduate students influence the reading comprehension ability. Random ...See More

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Title : Measurement of Errors and Misconceptions

Authors : Dr. Manmeet (Baweja) Oberoi

Abstract : Despite the best efforts made by teachers, students do not grasp fundamental ideas covered in the class. The research studies indicate that a lot of researches have been done...See More

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Title : Mental Health in relation to Peer Pressure among Professional students of Kolkata, West Bengal

Authors : Dr. Himani Bhattacharya

Abstract : The most important topic of positive psychology is mental health. Bhatia(1982) considers mental health as the ability to balance feelings, desires, ambitions and ideals in da...See More

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Title : Similarities and Dissimilarities between Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Rabindranath Tagore’s Philosophy of Education

Authors : [1] Dr. Akter Banu [2] Md. Shafiqul Alam

Abstract : Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Rabindranath Tagore belonged to Indian enlightened community. Their ideas of education and enthusiasm were really fruitful and influential to th...See More

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Title : Walkable Cities: Concept, Issues and Challenges

Authors :

Vishal RaiSanya Jain

Abstract : One of the characteristics that makes humans unique is urbanisation. The gradual movement of people from rural to urban regions and activities is a complicated process that ...See More

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