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(June 2018)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Investigating Hindrance to Effective Communication between the Management and Academic Staff of Universities in Malaysia: A Qualitative Case Study

Authors : [1] Sadia A. [2] Salleh B. M. [3] Zulida A. K. [4] Sazuliana S

Abstract : Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another, communication takes place persistently within an organization. Effective communica...See More

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Title : Career Decidedness and Emotion Regulation as Predictors of Depression among Students

Authors : [1] Davender [2] Sandeep Singh

Abstract : Present investigation was intended to explore the relationship among career decidedness, emotion regulation and depression among adolescents. The study was conducted on six h...See More

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Title : Attitude towards Sex Education among Teachers and Class XII Students of Senior Secondary Schools of Tura

Authors : [1] Yodida Bhutia [2] Maynochi G. Momin

Abstract : Education is the process of gaining various experiences. While growing, it is important to receive correct information for wholesome development of personality and one of the...See More

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Title : Effect of Instruction in Location of Topic Sentence on Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary School Students in Reading Comprehension

Authors : [1] Adedokun [2] Adewole Olubunmi

Abstract : The study was undertaken to determine the effect of instruction in Location of Topic Sentence on academic achievement of Senior Secondary School Students in reading comprehen...See More

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Title : Verbal Working Memory Deficits in Children with Chinese Developmental Dyslexia

Authors : Cecilia Yuet Hung Chan

Abstract : Previous research indicated the association of working memory deficits and English developmental dyslexia. This study investigates whether verbal working memory deficits also...See More

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Title : Comparative study of effectiveness of of Concept Attainment Model over Traditional method of teaching an unit from physical science between homogenous and heterogeneous group in higher secondary classes

Authors : C L Bhaskara

Abstract : The Objective of the Current study is to study the effectiveness of concept attainment model and traditional method of teaching set of concepts from physical science in relat...See More

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Title : Mental Health of Visually Impaired students in relation to their Academic Achievement

Authors : Ms. Mecal Ongmu Lepcha

Abstract : “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with in the heart”. -Helen Keller The World Health Organizati...See More

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Title : Study On Cognitive Development Regarding the Acquisition of Basic Geometric Concepts Among Middle School Children with Special Reference to Gender Differences.

Authors : Dr. Chandrani Acharya Roy

Abstract : Maths and Geometry are both liked and feared by generations of students. Math is generally seen as a male domain, much research has gone into finding out the truths whether b...See More

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Title : A Survey of Self confidence of B.Ed Students

Authors : Dr. S. Geetha

Abstract : Students who perform well have increased confidence which in turn encourages students to take greater responsibility to successfully complete tasks. Students who perform bett...See More

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Title : Psychometric Evaluation of Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM) with Turkish Sample

Authors : Dr. Zeynep Aydin Sünbül

Abstract : The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric features as well as the correlates of Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM) in Turkish adolescents. In tot...See More

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Title : Cognitive capabilities among preschool children: Comparative study between Kindergarten, Anganwadi, Montessori and Special school for children with Hearing Impairment

Authors : [1] Shobha B. N. [2] Kadambari N. [3] Anjana K.

Abstract : Preschool program for children with hearing impairment is very important for the cognitive development which intern helps the children to cope up in a regular classroom. Earl...See More

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Title : A Study of Response Inhibition in Bipolar Mania Background

Authors : [1] Mohit Kumar [2] Basudeb Das [3] Sanjay Kumar [4] Masood Maqbool [5] Satyam Sharma

Abstract : Background: It is largely accepted that response inhibition plays a key role in bipolar disorder. However, the effect of specific role played by various sub-facets of respons...See More

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Title : Decision Making Skill among 8 standard Children with Hearing Impairment studying in Inclusive Set-up

Authors : [1] Ms. Shobha N. Odunavar [2] Prof. (Rtd) Premlatha Sharma

Abstract : Life Skill Education is one of the Co-scholastic activity taught in School , which includes the 10 core life skills suggested by the WHO those are: Decision making, Problem s...See More

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Title : Incidence of Academic Dishonesty among Post-graduate Students in Federal Universities in South South Nigeria

Authors : [1] Emmanuel Etta Ekuri [2] Julius Michael Egbai

Abstract : This study sought to provide empirical data on rampant academic dishonest behaviours among post graduate students of Federal Universities in South-South Zone of Nigeria; and ...See More

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Title : Exploratory Study of Answer changing behaviour in Multiple Choice Test among Science Students in Nigerian setting

Authors : [1] Emmanuel Etta Ekuri [2] Alice Etim

Abstract : This study provided empirical data on the prevalence of answer changing behaviour among science subjects;and to also find out if there is gender difference in answer changing...See More

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