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(December 2018)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Attitude Towards Women Empowerment of Class XII Girl Students of Shillong

Authors : [1] Ms. Ritu Sarkar [2] Dr. Yodida Bhutia

Abstract : Women constitute almost 50% of the world’s population but India has shown disproportionate sex ratio whereby female’s population has been comparatively lower th...See More

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Title : Measurement and Development of Experiential Crowding Scale

Authors : [1] Geetu P. Hotwani [2] Dr. S. K. Tripathi

Abstract : An attempt has been made to assess the direction and magnitude of experiential crowding in terms of Home, Traffic, Social Gatherings and Friends Circle. In order to investiga...See More

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Title : Adolescents’ use of Self-Handicapping strategies in Academic context

Authors : [1] Asha Kumari B [2] Kalpana Venugopal

Abstract : In the present study, it is attempted to assess the use of Self-handicapping strategies in the academic context among secondary students of Mysuru district. This is a descrip...See More

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Title : Boarding the Less Travelled Road: Designing an Entry-Level Qualification Program for online adjunct faculty

Authors : [1] Gurdip Kaur [2] Saminder Singh

Abstract : Developments in digital technologies have produced profound changes in the structure, design and delivery of distance and online higher education around the world. New social...See More

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Title : Impact of Birth Order on Emotional Maturity and General Well-being of Adolescent

Authors : [1] Dr. Molly Joy [2] Ms. Asha Mathew

Abstract : The objective of the research was to study the impact of birth order on emotional maturity and general well-being of adolescent’s .Adolescence is the period of transit...See More

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Title : Causal Relationship Model of Career Intention to be Professional Farmers Among High School Students in Rural Thailand

Authors : [1] Chakkaphong Keyen [2] Duchduen Bhanthumnavin [3] Duangduen Bhanthumnavin [4] Kosol Meekhun

Abstract : Farming in Thailand is regarded as a crucial occupation for developing its economy and society, but the number of farmers has tended to continuously decline. To promote succe...See More

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Title : Teaching Potentially Mathematically Gifted

Authors : Sweta Gupta

Abstract : The country might have attained Independence from foreign rule, but most students are yet to release themselves from ‘home rule’. Even apples are graded and pack...See More

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Title : Challenges and Scope of Improvement of Quality in Higher Education in India

Authors : Prasanta Kumar Majhi

Abstract : The new social realities, particularly the interplay between democratization of education; unprecedented developments in information and communication technologies; emergence...See More

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Title : Importance of ICT in Learning

Authors : Dr. Mahesh Prasad Tripathi

Abstract : “One of the many challenges facing developing countries in 21st century, i. e. the Century of Knowledge Explosion, is that of preparing their societies for globalizatio...See More

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Title : Cognitive Effort and Academic Achievement with Different Locus of Control Orientations

Authors : [1] Suzanne M. I. Arafa [2] Mohamed. A. Salam [3] Mohamed. A. Ghafar

Abstract : In spite of the widespread interest in Locus of Control, how Locus of Control influences behavior is not well understood. This Study aimed to conduct a casual correlational s...See More

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Title : Verbal Learning: Model of Linear Differential Equation of Third Level

Authors : [1] Aminev E. G. [2] Wang Qing

Abstract : The hypothesis, that the information fixation processes in short-term and long-term person’s memory are most adequately described by differential equation of the third...See More

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Title : Influence of Socio Economic Status on Awareness on Lifestyle Diseases Among Parents of Elementary School Students

Authors : [1] Dr. Niranjana K. P. [2] Mrs. Smitha T. K.

Abstract : The most challenging problem in this revolutionized era is the occurrence of lifestyle diseases. The death by the cause of lifestyle diseases in both developed and underdevel...See More

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Title : Stress, Anxiety & Depression among Flood Affected People in Kerala

Authors : [1] Pooja V. K. [2] Dr. K. Nagalakshami

Abstract : In the present research paper researcher attempted to find the level of stress, anxiety and depression among flood affected people in Kerala, for this purpose the sample of 1...See More

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Title : Contribution of Rabindranath Tagore to the Field of Education Reform Movement on the 19th Century Bengal and the Impact of his Philosophy of Education on the then Bengal Society and Succeeding Generations

Authors : [1] Akter Banu [2] Md. Shafiqul Alam

Abstract : On the 19th and early 20th century Indian society, Rabindranath Tagore played a pioneering role in expanding modern education and social mobilisation. His philosophy of educa...See More

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