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(March 2019)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Towards a Hierarchy of Inferences: Are Some Inferences more challenging for second language readers?

Authors : Jane Kembo

Abstract : Readers make several inferences in the course constructing texts and meaning in both written and spoken texts. While some inferences seem easier to make, others call for more...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Photoshop Training in Improving Spellings of Dyslexic Students

Authors : Divya Nair

Abstract : Spelling errors is one of the most common characteristics of dyslexics. The present study proposes the use of Photoshop the graphic designing software for catering to this ch...See More

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Title : Direct Instruction using CBM for Children with Learning Difficulties

Authors : [1] Dr. D. Revathi [2] Mr. P. Kamaraj

Abstract : Learning difficulties and learning problems are often the first descriptive terms used when a child begins to have trouble in school. In India exclusive efforts are not made ...See More

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Title : An Effectiveness of Activity Based Teaching Learning Strategies on Attitude towards Science among IX Standard Students

Authors : [1] Prakash G. V. [2] Dr. H. V. Vamadevappa

Abstract : Today the process of education in a formal system is loaded with competition of notes, homework and so on. The allround development of an individual personality has been min...See More

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Title : Impact of Birth Order on Emotional Maturity and General Well-being of Adolescents

Authors : [1] Dr. Molly Joy [2] Ms. Asha Mathew

Abstract : The objective of the research was to study the impact of birth order on emotional maturity and general well-being of adolescent’s .Adolescence is the period of transit...See More

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Title : Are Low-Achievement Classrooms Cognitively Unbalanced?

Authors : [1] Maybí Morell [2] Mayra Manzano

Abstract : Low-achievement academic scenarios, in which a large fraction of the students fails to promote to the next academic year, are a persistent reality of many universities, parti...See More

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Title : A study of Scientific Attitude Among Regular D El Ed Student Teachers and Distance Mode in Service Untrained Student Teachers Through NIOS

Authors : C. L. Bhaskara [2] Dr. G. C. Harish

Abstract : The main aim of present education system is to develop scientific attitude irrespective of practicing subjects systematically. The modern society is being influenced by scien...See More

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Title : The Effectiveness of Self-Perceived Body Image on Emotional Dysregulation Among Adolescents and Young Adults

Authors : [1] Srishti Chanana [2] Ananya Sharma

Abstract : Body image is an individual's perception of their own physical self and their thoughts and feelings, which could be positive, negative or both, which stems from one’s ...See More

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Title : Implementation of Online Survey in Educational Research

Authors : Dr. V. S. Sumi

Abstract : In the recent era of technology explosion, integrating technology into research is not a new term for the researchers. For every stages of research the use of technology is n...See More

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Title : Social Marginalization through Globalization: The Missing world of Tribals

Authors : [1] Sayan Dutta [2] P. S. De

Abstract : Globalization is an undeniably, relentless capitalist process. The process has also invaded India since the introduction of ‘New Economic Policy’of the nineties,...See More

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Title : Implementing Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) to teach Grammar to First Year English-Majored Students at Dong Nai Technology University, Dong Nai, Viet Nam

Authors : Hong Ngoc Nguyen

Abstract : Grammar teaching and learning play important roles in English acquisition. However, Vietnamese educational system still favors grammar written tests to evaluate studentsâ€...See More

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Title : Comparison of Students Stress Between Government and Private School Going Adolescents

Authors : [1] Nidhi [2] Prof. Rajesh Kumar

Abstract : Adolescence is the important phase of overall all development of any human being. Stress in the stage of adolescence , especially for the adolescent going to school for their...See More

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Title : Aspiration Level of Banjara Community Junior College Students

Authors : [1] Mr. Mahendra Govind Khare [2] Dr. C. P. Labhane

Abstract : In today’s aspiration level of students is playing important role in the educational process. Aspiration level have depends on family environments, parents communicati...See More

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Title : A Critical Insight into Minimum Level of Learning (MLL)

Authors : Dr. Minoti Srivastava

Abstract : This paper is an attempt to pull your attention towards the basic features of MLL, why policy maker felt to introduce minimum level of learning in education specially in thre...See More

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Title : Prospective Teachers’ Effectiveness in Relation to their Hardiness

Authors : Parul Vats

Abstract : The present research was conducted on prospective teachers to analyze their teacher effectiveness in relation to their Hardiness. For this purpose, a representative sample of...See More

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Title : Investigating vocabulary instruction strategies for non English majored freshmen at Dong Nai Technology University

Authors : Cam Lien

Abstract : Vocabulary, as an integral part of a language, plays a crucial role in the language learning process. Deciding on proper goal to instruct specific terms need to be considerat...See More

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Title : Gender Equality and Women Empowerment to Sustain Social Integrity

Authors : Ms. Ankita Khanna

Abstract : Moral standards, cultural values, honesty are the terms which are deep rooted in our society and when we combine these terms social integrity appears. Integration means to co...See More

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Title : A Study on Awareness of Ecopedagogy Among Higher Secondary Students

Authors : Dr. Fathima Jaseena M. P. M.

Abstract : In India today, there has been a growing realization of the impact of the increasing population and accelerated development strategies of the quality of the environment. The ...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Self Learning materials on Environmental Awareness among Secondary Teacher Trainees

Authors : [1] Sri G. B. Rajappa [2] Dr. M. M. Pattanashetty

Abstract : The present study is about the effectiveness of self-learning materials on environmental awareness among the secondary teacher trainees. For the study 100 students were selec...See More

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Title : Incorporating Activity-Based Counselling at School-Level Counselling Interventions to Enhance Social Competence in Adolescents

Authors : Kamal Gulati Manwani

Abstract : The primary goal of this research paper is to establish the fact that counseling interventions conducted in the form of activitybased sessions promise a better outcome to enha...See More

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Title : Impact of Gender, Type of Management and Locality on Academic Adjustment among High School Students

Authors : [1] B. Venkataramana [2] Prof. L. Kullai Reddy

Abstract : The study was planned to investigate the impact of gender, type of management and locality on academic adjustment among high school students. Sample of the present study cons...See More

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Title : Ethics Sensitivity and Reaction among Student – Teachers of B.Ed. Colleges

Authors : Dr. Anantharamu. B. C.

Abstract : Moral awareness underpins moral reasoning and ethical decision making. This mixed methods study investigates a critical feature of these phenomena among entrepreneurs, namely...See More

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Title : The Role of Language in Literature focusing Feminism and others Globally

Authors : Dr. Chetan Anand

Abstract : The courtly love of language, the praising of dominant individuals, the capturing of language by class individuals, bounded the literature to come and serve for the general p...See More

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