International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2016)

Study of Performance Appraisal in Organized and Unorganized Beauty Salons in Delhi/NCR

Authors: [1] Kajal Kiran [2] Dr. Jaya Yadav

Pages: 28-33


Performance appraisal is a very important instrument for effective management, but little has been explored its usage in beauty salon industry. This research is an attempt to fill this gap. In countries like India lot of skilled employees are working in beauty salons in organized setting. This empirical study explored the difference between the employees of organized and unorganized beauty salons in Delhi/NCR. What employees under these two different settings perceive about performance appraisal and how much they are satisfied in their current job. The responses were collected from 100 respondents, data was analyzed using SPSS. The results found significant difference on certain aspect though overall they found to be satisfied in their current job. The results of this study can be a great basis of know process of performance appraisal in this sector of India which can be used by the industry experts to improve this process and acquire the skilled employees.