International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2016)

Impact of Curriculum Transaction Strategies on Students Attitude Towards the Subject of Economics

Authors: Prachi Nadda

Pages: 69-74


Attitude is one of the most important factor in helping students get through the highs and lows of life, since attitude spells how a person copes. Whatever perspective students may hold will invariably have an effect on their performance and the way they handle rejection. Thus, students who suffer consecutive rebuffs from the teachers may believe that all other potential teachers will likely reject them again and again. The present study investigates the impact of various curriculum transaction strategies on attitude of eleventh grade students towards the subject of economics studying in HPBSE and CBSE schools. The findings of the study revealed that the various transaction strategies used by the teachers of HPBSE schools did not have much effect in improving the attitude of students towards the subject of economics as compared to their counterparts studying in CBSE schools. The present study suggested that teachers should realize that how they teach, behave and interact with students in the classroom or during teaching are more vital than what they teach. Further, the teachers should have positive attitude and interest in the subject so that they can motivate and develop positive attitude in the students to learn.