International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2015)

Religion and Gender Role Perception: An Empirical Study Among Adolescent Girls in Kerala

Authors: [1] Dr. Moly Kuruvilla [2] Nisha P.

Pages: 78-83


Adolescent girls often struggle with certain specific challenges and they are unable to pick up correct habits and behaviours during this stage. A closer analysis of the issues and challenges faced by adolescent girls reveals gender based inequalities as the major reason behind such issues. Young girls are brought up to believe that they are inferior to boys and are trained to accept and adjust with all types of subordination and even violence. The different socialisation agencies teach boys and girls specific personality traits that are desirable for each gender and when girls enter the adolescence stage these gender disparities become more distinct and powerful. Discrimination and stereotypical role assignment existing in mainstream society sustains the secondary status of girls and women. The role of religion in shaping gender role perception is highlighted by the findings of the present study. The sample consisted of 600 adolescent girls from 15 schools of Malappuram district in the state of Kerala. The results reveal significant difference between the gender role perception of adolescents belonging to Christian, Hindu and Muslim religions. The findings highlight the role of religion and the responsibility of religious leaders in sensitising their members towards gender equality.