International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2016)

Study the Decision Making Skills of Govt. & Private Secondary School Principals: An Evaluation

Authors: Ms. Menka

Pages: 57-60


Decision making is selecting appropriate option from different options. For any human being decision making is very necessary as this is the main criteria for judging the mental ability of any one. Principal is the backbone of any school administration. Most of the decisions are given by principal for the development of school. In the given study investigator compare the decision making skills of govt. and private secondary schools as well as male and female secondary schools principals. Sample of 80 principals of different secondary school was taken by purposive sampling. For the assessment of decision making in secondary school principals Decision Making Style Scale by Dr. Noorjehan N.Ganihar(2005) was used. Statical techniques like mean, S. D. and T-test was used. This study despite that govt. school principals decision making are more significant then private school principals. On the other hand there is no significant difference between decision making skills on the bases of gender. The reason behind the first result may be Govt. schools principals are more independent then private school principals because former have to implement the policy on the other hand later have to follow the instruction of the management.