International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2017)

Effect of Mindfulness on Telepathy: A Comparison of High and Low Ego-strength Individuals

Authors: Osheen Saxena

Pages: 44-46


Extrasensory perception refers to a form of perception that occurs beyond the ordinary five senses. The present study was aimed at studying the relationship between Mindfulness and a form of Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy. The interactional effect of Ego-Strength as a personality factor and Mindfulness on Telepathy was also a focus of the study. The data was collected on 60 individuals falling into four groups of High/Low Mindfulness and High/Low Ego-Strength. The experimental method used to measure telepathy was the Ganzfeld Experiment, and the telepathic scores were nominal in nature, i.e. “hit” or “miss”. The mindfulness was measured using the MAAS (Mindful Attention Awareness Scale - State version) Scale. Ego-Strength was measured using a subset of the 16 PF questionnaire (Factor C). Results indicated that Mindfulness or Ego-strength do not predict whether an individual will receive a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’ on the Ganzfeld Experiment, i.e. predict whether telepathy would occur or not.