International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2017)

A Study of The Opinion of Men Towards Working Women

Authors: Dr. Geetha S

Pages: 23-25


The study intended to bring to light the society’s changes. In the sense change in the attitude of men and their mindset which not stereotype. There are definite indications to prove that women are proceeding towards empowerment as there are opportunities and facilities in and around their home and society. Women want to change, so men are promoting it and they are also changing. As a result we find lot of changes in the attitude, abilities and skills of women. They prove to be good and sincere workers, able managers and leaders as well as good social workers. It is because of the comforts extended to them by the family and society. A woman cannot progress solitarily. She needs support of parents, sisters, brothers, husband and that of society at large. This study in an attempt to confirm the above points.