International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2019)

Facilitating Participatory Teaching Methods Among Teacher Educators

Authors: Dr. Chetna. P. Sonkamble

Pages: 20-23


Participatory training is an educational strategy where learners are regarded as active participants in the educational process. Their needs and questions, reflection, analysis and strategies for change carry the process forward. Rather than viewing participatory training as merely a set of techniques, its educational thrust is to be viewed to understand its worldview and It aim at creating an experience of personal and collective change for strengthening student’s understanding and encouraging students to question what they have always accepted, to critically examine their own experiences and to derive insights through analysis .Learning through hands-on experiences facilitates the learning process, especially when the topics are related to everyday practices and During this training, participants are encouraged to explore and discover for themselves as Knowledge obtained through this way is more easily internalized and put into practice.