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(March 2020)

A Study of The Understanding About The Savings and Investment With Reference to The Common Man in India

Authors: Santosh Parashar, Dr Anoop Pant, Dr D.K. Tripathi

Pages: 4-8


Investment is a type of activity that is engaged in by the people who have to do savings i.e. investments are made from their savings, or in other words it is the people invest their savings. A variety of different investment options are available that are bank deposits, Gold, Real estate, postal services, mutual funds & so on much more. Investors always invest their money with the different types of purposes and objectives such as profit, security, appreciation, income stability. In this research paper attempt has been taken to study the factors which influence saving and investment along with the factors which affect as well by conducting the survey through questionnaire in Ghaziabad city of India. Actually, the present study identifies about the preferred investment avenues among individual investors using their own self-assessment test. The basic objective of the study is to analyze whether the common men have proper understanding about savings and investment.