International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2024)

Necessity of the Knowledge of Child Psychology for Parents and Teachers


Mr. Bodising Narah & Mrs. Junu Kutum

Pages: 12-16


Actually, human life is a continuous developmental process going on from the moment of birth to the moment before death. The study of pure psychology and applied psychology is absolutely needed in order to realistically evaluate the overall aspects of this continuous developmental process. The important branch of psychology i.e. child psychology deals in depth with various aspects related to the physical, mental, emotional social and personality formation that occur from the moment of the child's birth to the period of 12 years. In the field of overall development of the children the parents and teachers can play vital role. Because we can never imagine the all-round development of a child without the role of teachers, parents as well as societies. So in this field the knowledge of child psychology is very important. The knowledge of child psychology helps the teachers and parents to tackle the primary behaviour of the children. It gives detailed knowledge about the relationship of heredity and environment which are both responsible for human growth and development. In this context, in this paper has been made modern changing concept of child psychology and its scope. Especially the paper has been attempted to analyse about how much importance of knowledge of child psychology for the teachers and parents in the development of real life of the children.