International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2024)

The Impact of Locus of Control on Aging Anxiety in Middle Adulthood


Ms. Shubha Santhosh Mathew & Ms. Deena Dixon

Pages: 30-34


Aging anxiety is a multifaceted phenomenon influenced by various psychological factors, among which LOC plays a crucial role. This study looks at the connection between LOC, aging anxiety, and gender differences among middle-aged adults aged 36 to 60. Using a correlational quantitative research design, the study explores whether individuals' perceptions of control over life events (LOC) impact their experience of aging anxiety and whether this relationship differs between genders. Findings reveal a negative correlation between internal LOC and aging anxiety, indicating that individuals with a stronger sense of internal control tend to experience lower levels of anxiety related to aging. However, no significant gender differences in aging anxiety were found, although disparities in LOC beliefs between males and females were observed. The study's limitations include binary gender classification and convenient sampling, suggesting caution in generalizing the findings. Future research should focus on longitudinal studies to understand the dynamic effects of LOC and gender on aging anxiety over time and identify mediators and moderators for targeted interventions aimed at promoting psychological well-being in middle-aged adults.