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(June 2013)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Service Learning: Concept, Theory and Practice

Authors : Dr. H. M. Kasinath

Abstract : Service learning activities should be organized around and designed to meet actual community needs, and integrated into the student’s curriculum. Teachers should provi...See More

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Title : Best Practices in Teacher Professional Development

Authors : Dr. G. R. Angadi

Abstract : This paper presents examples of practices in teacher professional development for ICT in Education. To be effective and successful teacher professional development should be ...See More

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Title : Services Marketing: A Strategic Conceptual Ideology

Authors : Bharat Bhushan Gaur

Abstract : : Services marketing have the number of special packages to help its clients. Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business. Without one, all efforts to achieve m...See More

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Title : EDUSAT Networks in Imparting Efficient Teaching-Learning Solutions

Authors : Dr. S. Arulchelvan

Abstract : EDUSAT is launched to meet the demand for a satellite based interactive education and supplement to the face-to-face classrooms. The EDUSAT network is capable of transferring...See More

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Title : Study of Job Satisfaction of the Employees of Private Sector Banks

Authors : Dr. Somesh Kumar Shukla

Abstract : It can be said that job satisfaction is largely a matter of an individual comparing his/her job and life expectations with those being offered. In shaping such job expectatio...See More

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Title : Digital Classroom: The Future of the Current Generation

Authors : Avishkar D Kamble

Abstract : It is years together, we are getting educated day-by-day. The process of just seating in classroom and learning will have extremity. There are several mediums & resource of e...See More

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Title : Gender Studies Components in Teacher Training: An Essential Requirement for Teacher Empowerment and Gender Justice in the 21st Century

Authors : Dr. Moly Kuruvilla, Reader

Abstract : : The world in general and developing countries in particular are facing challenges related to creating a suitable environment for mobilization of maximum human resource for ...See More

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Title : Effect of Emotional Intimacy on Professional Burnout: A study among Special Educators of Mentally Challenged Children in Kerala

Authors : Reesha karally, Dr. P. Usha

Abstract : The present study is an attempt to estimate the effect of emotional intimacy on professional burnout among special educators of mentally challenged children. Significant diff...See More

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Title : Approaches for Students to Lead a Stress free life

Authors : Dr. K. S. Kanti

Abstract : Appropriate stress is a juncture for self-growth; it is also a motivation for people to progress actively. It not only affects our thoughts and feelings but our behavioural m...See More

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Title : Achievement in Science of Secondary School Students in Relation to Scientific Attitude

Authors : Dr. Surekha Ksheerasagar, Dr. P. B. Kavyakishore

Abstract : One of the chief objectives of education is the development of desirable attitudes in the students. It is, therefore, obvious that the teachers must understand the various di...See More

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Title : After-Effects of Inter-Caste Tension as a Form of Violence against Children – A Triangulation Study

Authors : U. Baskaran, J. Ganesh Kumar, R. Maharishi

Abstract : A large section of today’s children are exposed to violence and abuse in every aspect of their life. Some sources and forms of violence and abuse have been well docume...See More

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Title : Pre-Service Teachers Perception on Inclusive Education

Authors : Dr. Sushma. R.

Abstract : Present study includes Survey study, the data were collected from pre-service teachers studying bachelor of Education at Shimoga Talluk, Karnataka. These data were examined w...See More

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Title : Thinking operations in physics

Authors : Dr. S. Geetha

Abstract : Education is to be fruitful needs to be holistic. This means that the all round development of the children have to be main goals of it. Among many qualities the power to thi...See More

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Title : A Study of Viewership Preference Patterns of News Channels with

Authors : Sachin Sinha

Abstract : It was once called the media revolution. A better description today would be ‘media explosion’. There are innumerable media-generated stimuli that are floating a...See More

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Title : Resource Rooms in Mainstream Schools

Authors : Apoorva Ajaya Deshpande

Abstract : Worldwide, there has been a conscious shift from special schools to inclusive education. In this light, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has sent an advisory ...See More

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Title : Cognitive Development in Deaf Children

Authors : Dr. Sharmista

Abstract : Hearing gives the child the acoustic correlates of the physical world: hearing conveys much more to the growing child than the acoustics of the physical world. Hearing is the...See More

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Title : A Study of Customers’ Preference towards Investment in Equity Shares and Mutual Funds

Authors : Manoj Kumar

Abstract : Investment is the employment of funds on assets with the aim of earning income or capital appreciation. In the past, investment avenues were limited to real estates, schemes ...See More

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Title : Relationship between Academic Procrastination and Mathematics Anxiety among Secondary School Students

Authors : Sunitha T.P, Dr. Muhammedunni Alias Musthafa M. N

Abstract : In this technological age mathematical knowledge are not only needed in scientific and technical fields but increasingly important in business, social sciences and even human...See More

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Title : Spiritual Intelligence, its correlation with Teacher Effectiveness and Academic achievement – A Study

Authors : Dr. Rachel George .M, Ms.Salini Visvam

Abstract : Today the world has progressed in leaps and bounds in every field of study but we continue to face a value crisis. Despite high academic qualification, some people are involv...See More

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Title : Metacognitive - Cooperative Learning Approach to Enhance Mathematics Achievement

Authors : Dr. Mrs. Vijayakumari S.N., Myrtle Joyce Shobha D‟Souza

Abstract : It is important for pupils to be aware of their strengths and limitations as learners. Metacognitive environment provides scope for this. The present study, represents the s...See More

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