International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2014)

Article Title and Authors

Title : A Comparative Study on Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators in Relation to Private Teachers’Training Institutions of University of Gour Banga and University of Kalyani

Authors : Nabin Thakur

Abstract : This study was undertaken to study the level of job satisfaction of teacher educators, to compare the level of job satisfaction of female and male teacher educators as well a...See More

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Title : Emotional Regulation and Well-Being in Adulthood

Authors : [1] Bhawana Verma [2] Dr. Nalini Totuka [3] Dr. Jyoti Gaur

Abstract : Emotional regulation refers to a person’s ability to understand and accept his or her emotional experience, to engage in healthy strategies to manage uncomfortable emo...See More

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Title : A Study of Teacher Effectiveness in relation to attitude towards teaching profession

Authors : Dr. Satish Kumar Kalhotra

Abstract : The purpose of the present study to examine the difference and comparison between effective and ineffective teachers in relation to their attitude towards teaching profession...See More

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Title : Environmental Correlates of Adolescent Stress: A Path Analysis

Authors : [1] Jeny. Rapheal [2] Dr. Varghese Paul K

Abstract : The study was an attempt to delineate the pathway behind the Home Environment and Adolescent stress. 567 adolescents from various schools of Kerala state of India were screen...See More

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Title : Girls’ Higher Education in the Era of Globalization: Issues of Access and Quality

Authors : Thasniya K.T

Abstract : The focus of this paper is to examine the status of girls’ higher education in the era of globalization. Education is reasonably a good indication of development and t...See More

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Title : Development and Validation of E-Content on French Revolution at Secondary Level

Authors : [1] R. Vasuki [2] S. Sudha [3] T. Arthy Poornima

Abstract : E-content is a very powerful tool of education. E-content is valuable to the learners and also helpful to teachers of all individual instruction systems; E-content is the lat...See More

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Title : Academic Anxiety among Secondary School Students with reference to Gender, Habitat and Types of School

Authors : Saket Bihari

Abstract : : In the present study an attempt is made by the investigator to study the academic anxiety of secondary school students of North East Delhi. 114 secondary school students fr...See More

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Title : Spiritual Maturity and Social Adjustment of Student Teachers at Secondary Level

Authors : Ms. Smitha Jose

Abstract : Spiritual maturity implies exercising wisdom and compassion in relationship to other people, regardless of gender, creed, age or ethnic origin as well as reverence and respec...See More

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Title : A Study of Loneliness in Relation to Well-Being Among Adolescents

Authors : [1] Dr. Hameeda Shaheen [2] Dr. Musaddiq Jahan [3] Dr. Sayeeda Shaheen

Abstract : In the present scenario of changing social structures, social values, industrialization, and globalization, feeling of lonelinessis becoming a serious problem among adolesce...See More

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Title : Social Deprivation Lead Positive Criminal Self Concept Among Phanse-Paradhi People

Authors : Vikas S. Kamble

Abstract : :The Paradhi community is labeled as criminals since the British ruling period in India. Even after sixty five years of Indian independence, this community still bears the st...See More

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Title : Role of Self Esteem in Development of Aggressive Behavior Among Adolescents

Authors : [1] Dr. Fareeda Shaheen [2] Dr. Musaddiq Jahan

Abstract : Purpose of the present study was to investigate the role of self-esteem in development of aggression among adolescents. The sample comprised of 200 (100 male and 100 female) ...See More

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Title : Discipline Problems and Leadership Qualities in Management of Discipline in A Secondary School

Authors : Pushpa. M

Abstract : The present study is case study which focuses on the discipline problems in the New Rays Secondary School, Mauritius, and qualities of principal as a leader in managing the p...See More

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Title : A Study on Awareness about Mental Retardation among Regular School Children

Authors : Sravan Kumar Sriram

Abstract : Mental Retardation refers to significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning resulting in or associated with concurrent impairment in adaptive behavior and manifes...See More

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