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(June 2020)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Psychometric qualities of the Multidimensional Academic Interest Scale (M.A.I.S) : Study among lower secondary school students in Togo

Authors : Bawa Ibn Habib

Abstract : The Togolese scientific literature suffers not only from a lack of work relating to school interest but also from a lack of instruments capable of measuring this construct amo...See More

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Title : Personality and Parent-Child Relationship in Conduct Disorder Children

Authors : Amrita Sen, Dr. Tilottama Mukherjee

Abstract : The children’s personality traits develop from early childhood based on social interaction and perception of life events. Primarily early childhood experience with pare...See More

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Title : The children’s personality traits develop from early childhood based on social interaction and perception of life events. Primarily early childhood experience with parents is believed to have long-lasting effects on all future relationships. Active and impulsive children often are targets of negative interaction, which leads to conflict. Again, as part of developmental stages children become more autonomous and independent, their desires and frustrations often come into conflict with those of their parents; the result is typically a display of negative or disruptive behaviors. The children with Conduct Disorder (CD) shows repetitive persistent pattern of behavior in which the basic right of others or major age-appropriate societal norms are violated. The aim of the present study was to study the personality, relationship between perception of parents and parenting style among the CD children and their normal counterpart. A sample of 16 CD children and 16 children without any behavioural problems and their respective parents were studied. Child Behaviour Questionnaire (CBQ) was used as a screening tool for selecting the control group. The children’s personality dimensions and perception of the parents were evaluated employing Junior Eysenck Personality Inventory (JEPQ), Parent-child Relationship Scale (PCRS) respectively and their parents parenting style was evaluated on Multidimensional Parenting-Scale (MDP-Scale). Student’s t-test was used to assess the differences between personality traits of patients and their control counterpart. Pearson Product Moment Correlation was used to assess the Correlation between Childs perception of their parents and parenting style. The conduct disorder children were found to have the higher predisposition for neuroticism, psychoticism and lie scale although the results were not statistically significant. Negative perception towards parents and the negative parenting style of the parents resulted in poor parent-child relationship.

Authors : Dr. Simi Shrivastava, Ms. Shivli Shrivastava

Abstract : Teaching is a very challenging profession and requires compassion, efficiency and adaptability towards their profession. Teachers focus on many aspects of the behaviour of the...See More

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Title : Investigating the Problems and Status of Education of Street Children during COVID-19 in India

Authors : Shubham Kumar Pati

Abstract : This paper explores the educational dimension of street children during COVID-19 in a theoretical perspective. The introduction of COVID-19 in India projects major challenges ...See More

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Title : Study of The Effectiveness of Computer Aided Instruction for Teaching the Concept of Place-Value to Primary School Children With Hearing Impairment

Authors : Ms. P. V. Ramanakumari , Ms. P. V. Manjula

Abstract : Computer can play vital role in learning process as it can work with the imagination of students. The concept of Place value is a fundamental mathematical concept in the stude...See More

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Title : An Analysis of Gender and ‘Culture of Silence’ In Light of #MeToo

Authors : Shreya Banerjee

Abstract : The very crux of the #MeToo movement is speaking out, which stemmed out of broken shackles of age-old culture of silencing. This paper would try to understand how silencing wo...See More

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Title : Impact of Online Education on Students During Lockdown

Authors : Dr. Nimisha Elais

Abstract : Education is the basis of personality building in any country or society. Whenever there is a change in the society due to any problem and adverse circumstances, then the educ...See More

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Title : ‘’PERMA a Profound Tool to Maintain the Mental Health of Students Fraternity During Corona Virus Lock Down’’

Authors : Neeru Singh

Abstract : The purpose of this article is to change the mindset of students’s negative thoughts, feelings, actions and to convert them into positive aspects through PERMA model du...See More

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Title : Impact Assessment of COVID-19 Lockdown on Psychological Health of Teenagers

Authors : Vijaya V. Handore, Sunita P. Patil

Abstract : COVID-19 pandemic is a global health emergency exhibiting severe impacts on the public health, including mental health .As a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic i...See More

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Title : Continuous Professional Development; Its Importance to TVET Pedagogues in a Changing Technological Era

Authors : Ritesh Tularam

Abstract : This academic paper attempts to offer some insights, reflections and probably new perspectives on the importance of continuing professional development to TVET pedagogues in a...See More

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Title : A Study of Metacognition Awareness and Achievement Motivation in Higher Secondary School Students

Authors : Ummema F. Mithaiwala , Prof. Dr. Rajashree Kapure

Abstract : Metacognition is the ability to reflect upon, understand and control one’s learning. Whereas, Achievement motivation is the constant pursuit to achieve excellence. Alth...See More

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Title : Status of Special Education in India: A Career Perspective

Authors : Dr. Rohnika Sharma

Abstract : These days many universities across the country are making efforts in teacher education reform in order to better the training of instructors, educators and therefore the educ...See More

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Title : Predictive Model of Learning Analytics for On-Ground Verses Online Assessment

Authors : S. Bhuma Devi , Preeti Jain

Abstract : Educating the young generation is one of the noble and significant profession for the society’s future betterment. After COVID- 19 Pandemic lock down release it will be...See More

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Title : An Analytical Study on Curriculum and the Learning Teaching Process in Pirivena Education in Sri Lanka

Authors : W.K.D. Keerthirahne

Abstract : The main aim of this paper was to conduct an analytical study on curriculum and the learning teaching process in Pirivena education in Sri Lanka. The historical method has bee...See More

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Title : Going Green with Information and Communication Technologies in Universities for Sustainable Development

Authors : Dr. Razia B.

Abstract : In the context of Education, Green ICT (Information and Communication Technology) refers to the use of computers and other communication systems as eco friendly practices in t...See More

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Title : Education: A Plea for a Humanistic Approach

Authors : Dr. Hyacinth Pink

Abstract : The study explains the concept of Humanistic Education and records the various philosophical premises of those who propound the importance of critical reflection in the cultiv...See More

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Title : Competence Level of Regular Teachers Special Pedagogy in Education in Inclusive School at Pre-Primary & Sr. Secondary Level” A Comparative Study

Authors : Mrs. Anuradha Amos , Dr. Munender Kr. Tyagi

Abstract : Competence level of Regular teacher’s special education pedagogy in Inclusive school at pre-primary and Sr. Secondary level”. AComparative study. In this study ab...See More

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Title : AI based Design Management and Architectural Practice

Authors :

Vishal Rai, Kshitij Kumar Sinha, Zarqa Rehman, Chanchal Soni

Abstract : The increasing complexity of current design projects has fuelled the urgent need for an innovative management approach to design. This research paper aims to evaluate the e...See More

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