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(June 2017)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity and their relationship with Academic Achievement of College Students in Sikkim

Authors : [1] Dr. Dona Rai [2] Yugal Kisore Khanal

Abstract : Emotional intelligence is ability to understand, express and control one’s own emotions. This ability of understanding one’s own emotions makes the individual c...See More

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Title : A Survey of Values Among Secondary School Teachers Working in Vijayapur District with Special Reference to Gender, Marital Status

Authors : Dr. B.B. Policepatil

Abstract : There has been a persistent erosion of values in the society. In the present day context certain values need to be redefined and reinstalled. There are situations when the va...See More

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Title : Coping Behavior, Psychological Distress, and Marital Satisfaction Among the Wives of Men with Alcohol Dependence

Authors : [1] Dr. Nandha Kumara Pujam [2] Kalaivani

Abstract : Alcoholism is considered as an ongoing stressor, not only for the individual, but for family members as well. Spouses are particularly affected given the intimate nature of t...See More

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Title : E-Courts: A Revolution in Legal Processes

Authors : Bhavna Batra

Abstract : Indian Judiciary is in urgent need of re-engineering its processes to optimize the use of its human resources and to bring about change management by harnessing the potenti...See More

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Title : The Relationship of Cognitive Functions and Psychopathology on The Level of Insight in Patients with Schizophrenia

Authors : [1] Hari Vijay [2] Dr. Nandha Kumara Pujam

Abstract : International Pilot Study of Schizophrenia (IPSS) reported a substantial proportion of patients with schizophrenia (80%) demonstrate poor insight into the illness, irrespecti...See More

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Title : The State and Trait Anxiety and Eating Attitudes : An Examination of Factor Analysis

Authors : [1] Dr. Susmita Chatterjee [2] Dr. Himani Bhattacharya

Abstract : The physical and psychological development amongst adolescents is utmost necessary for any society as this is the most crucial stage of life. The study is done to establish r...See More

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Title : Uniqueness Seeking, Grit and Flow in High and Low Creative University Students

Authors : [1] Monica Sharma [2] Vagisha Shekhawat

Abstract : It has been observed that in modern world every individual is in search of being and doing something different from others which gave rise to concepts like creativity and Uni...See More

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Title : A Study on Grit Among MBA, MBBS and Engineering Students

Authors : [1] KR Shobanah [2] KP Naachimuthu

Abstract : Grit in psychology is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual's passion for a particular long-term goal or end state, coupled with a powerful motivation to ac...See More

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Title : Effect of Mindfulness on Telepathy: A Comparison of High and Low Ego-strength Individuals

Authors : Osheen Saxena

Abstract : Extrasensory perception refers to a form of perception that occurs beyond the ordinary five senses. The present study was aimed at studying the relationship between Mindfulne...See More

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Title : Emotional Intelligence Among High School Teachers in Cuddalore District

Authors : [1] R. Ayyappan [2] Dr. R. Diane Joseph

Abstract : This study aimed at finding out the emotional intelligence of high school teachers. The sample comprised of 304 high school teachers. The tools used were Test of emotional in...See More

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Title : Constructivist Approach in Mathematics

Authors : [1] Pushpendra Singh [2] Dr. Anil Kumar

Abstract : Developing children’s abilities for mathematisation (ability to think logically, formulates and handles abstractions) rather than knowledge of mathematics (formal and ...See More

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Title : Metacognition and its relation with academic achievement among college going students of Meghalaya

Authors : [1] Samayalangki Nongtodu [2] Dr. Yodida Bhutia

Abstract : Understanding the process of learning has always been area of importance in education. Knowing the way we learn help an individual to learn better as it involves encoding of ...See More

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Title : Impact of School-wide Positive Behaviour Supports on Student Behaviour

Authors : Ranjan Das

Abstract : High Schools have more people, more departments, large campuses and more extracurricular activities making it more complicated for faculty to meet and to build consensus. The...See More

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Title : Attaining Professional Excellence and Work – Life Balance through Human Values and Ethics: An Observation

Authors : Dr. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi

Abstract : Most of us are ambitious and have certain dreams and destinations in life. Whether it is attaining a good position in job, buying a new car, a 2-3-4 BHK house or fulfilling e...See More

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Title : Relative dominance of Sattva and Tamas Gunas (qualities) makes a difference in self-compassion and human flourishing

Authors : [1] Yogendra Verma [2] Gyanesh Kumar Tiwari

Abstract : The present study aimed to assess the nature and extent of the impacts exerted by sattvic and tamasic personality as enunciated by Indian theory of personality on the self-co...See More

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Title : Attitude and Achievement in Geography: A Stydy on Bengali Medium Students

Authors : [1] Anup Kumar Jana [2] Anujit Patra

Abstract : This study focused on the attitude of eight grade school students towards the learning of Geography in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal. The design of the study is des...See More

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Title : Effects of ability grouping and self-perceived performance on secondary school students’ self-concept: An investigation of the big-fish-little-pond theory in Hong Kong

Authors : Christopher H. K. Cheng, PhD

Abstract : The present study attempts to investigate the effects of academic achievement and ability grouping on students’self-concept. While ability grouping is a common and con...See More

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Title : Vipassana Meditation and Heart Rates

Authors : Dr. N. S. Dongare

Abstract : The term Vipassana Meditation has two components namely VI and passana. ‘Vi’ means perfectly, exactly, sincerely etc. And ‘Passana’ means looking, o...See More

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Title : Smart Board Technology : Transforming Inclusive Environment Into E-classroom for Children With Specific Learning Disability

Authors : Anusuya K. Yadav

Abstract : The integration and amalgamation of Information and Communication Technology in the process of learning and teaching helps to create barrier free environments which enable al...See More

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Title : Developing Delineation Skill among Visually Impaired Students

Authors : [1] A. Selvi [2] Dr. G. Victoria Naomi

Abstract : The eye is truly a magnificent organ and our primary link to the outside world. The Spatial Abilities of Visually Impaired was compared with that of Blind-folded sighted stud...See More

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Title : Innovative Teaching Strategies That Ensure Effective Learning

Authors : Kamal G. Manwani

Abstract : Teaching-Learning process has been evolving since the evolution of man with the underlying aim of bringing about a desired change through targeted interventions. Over the yea...See More

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Title : A comparative study of convent Government and private school boys in relation to their creativity and intelligence

Authors : Dr. Mohd. Talib Ather Ansari

Abstract : We constantly need new and better ideas for almost every aspect of our life. The main aim of this research paper is to help the 10th class students to recognize, develop and ...See More

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Title : A Study of Emotional Intelligence and Age in terms of B.Ed. Trainee Teachers (Session 2015-17) in different B.Ed. Colleges

Authors : Dr. Hina Hasan

Abstract : Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions, which is very important to adjust oneself in a new situation because emotional intell...See More

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Title : Shyness as a Psychological correlates of Internet Addiction

Authors : Nitu

Abstract : The present study was conducted on higher secondary students of Jamshedpur city. The sample size consists of 100 higher secondary students (50 boys and 50 girls). Objectives:...See More

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Title : Existential Therapies: Theoretical basis, Process, Application and Empirical Evidences

Authors : [1] Nigesh K. [2] Saranya T. S.

Abstract : Banks are an important institution of the economy for providing institutional credit to its customers. Abanking company in India is the one adding from the public, repayable ...See More

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Title : Diagnostic Decision Tree for Specific Learning Disability

Authors : S. Venkatesan

Abstract : Learning disability is among the most abused and misunderstood upcoming conditions being identified in child clinical practice. In the absence of an official definition, comb...See More

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Title : Internet Addiction and Impulsivity- A Comparative Study Between Male and Female Hosteliers of Aligarh Muslim University

Authors : Muzafar Hussain Kawa Mohd Ilyas Khan Mehrnaz Dehgan Rizwan Hassan Bhat Suhail Ahmad Bhat Armeen Khan

Abstract : The present study is an attempt to assess internet addiction and impulsivity among Male and Female Hosteliers of Aligarh Muslim University. The sample in the study consisted ...See More

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Title : Self-Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence and Social Maturity of Adolescents

Authors : Minchekar Vikas S

Abstract : The present study examined the self-efficacy, emotional intelligence and social maturity of High school boys and girls. Furthermore, study aimed at to foster the self-efficac...See More

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Title : Emotional Intelligence and Socio-economic Status as the determinants of Academic achievement among Adolescents

Authors : [1] B. Razia [2] Nabi Ahmad

Abstract : Academic achievement is one of the important goals of education and affected by number of correlated factors including Emotional intelligence and Socio-economic status of ado...See More

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Title : Barrier Free Inclusion of Learners with Special Educational Needs in Regular Classroom: Issues and Challenges

Authors : Shruti Pandey, Dr. Yogendra Pandey

Abstract : Education provides a base of development to a country. As per Universal Declaration of Human Rights, education is a fundamental right for all including learners with special ...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Guided Imagery Technique in reducing examination anxiety associated with selected demographic variables among college students – An Experimental study

Authors : [1] Dr. Susan Annie George [2] Dr. Arun Thomas Abraham

Abstract : Anxiety is an automatic biological product of undischarged tension. Guided Imagery therapy is a cognitive behavioral technique in which under the guided instructions a client...See More

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Title : Role of Metacognitive Self Regulation and Academic Locus of Control in Academic Performance

Authors : [1] Darshini Madanagopal [2] S.Thenmozhi

Abstract : Numerous factors have been identified as predictors of Academic performance of students. Among these factors, Locus of control has been established to be strongly related to ...See More

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