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(June 2022)

Article Title and Authors

Title : A Study of Emotional Stability of Secondary School Students in Relation to Academic Stress

Authors :

Dr. Sunita Arora

Abstract : Education is a powerful weapon you can use to change the world. It is not only a means to enhance human capital, productivityand, hence, the compensation to labour, but educat...See More

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Title : The Impact of Peer Learning on Students with Mild Autism : A Qualitative Case Study I. INTRODUCTION Autism spectrum

Authors :

Anash Kumar Das

Abstract : The purpose of this research study was to determine the specific abilities of students with autism and their peer learners that maycontribute to the achievement of peer-mediat...See More

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Title : Self- Perception and Knowledge on Halitosis (Oral Malodor) Among Nursing Students of SOA University, Bhubaneswar

Authors :

Kshirabdhi Tanaya

Abstract : Oral malodor or halitosis is otherwise called as bad breath. It is a common complain among all age group.Halitosis is also a social stigma among people for which peoples are f...See More

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Title : Prediction of Achievement in Science through Scientific Creativity and Mathematical Creativity among English Medium Secondary Class Students of Sagar City

Authors :

Dharmendra Kumar Sarraf , Ratnesh Jain

Abstract : The traditional system of instruction assumes that all the students need the same information at the same place and at the sametime. This education system does not achieve the...See More

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Title : Attitude Towards Mathematics and the Dimensions of Mathematics Anxiety: Do These Variables Differ Across Levels of Gender of Students, Family Income and Parent’s Educational Level

Authors :

Ashoka Choudhury , Dr. Vinod Kumar Murti

Abstract : Mathematics anxiety has warranted a great deal of research in the context of learning processes, classroom behavior andmathematics achievement, as well as exploration of possi...See More

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Title : Guided Offline Approach to Learning (GOAL): Demonstration of Success in Class 10 Results from a Rural School in South India

Authors :

S. Rangarajan

Abstract : Providing first-rate education for everyone is necessary to reap the demographic dividend for countries like India, but hasremained a stiff challenge to achieve. For students ...See More

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Title : Challenges in implementation of NEP-2020

Authors :

Ms. Kuljeet Kaur

Abstract : The new National Education policy 2020 brings aspiring changes that could transform the education system. In this policy, therewill be a 5+ 3+3+4 structure which comprises 12 ...See More

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Title : Role of Life Skill Education in Mitigating the Crisis Faced by People Owing to Covid-19 Pandemic

Authors :

Dr. Md. Siddique Hossain

Abstract : Life Skills Education is a form of education that focuses on cultivating personal life skills such as self-reflection, criticalthinking, problem solving and interpersonal skil...See More

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Title : The B.Ed. Internship Programme: Through the Eyes of the Practicing Schools

Authors :

T. Alemla Longkumer , Dr. Anjali Karmakar 

Abstract : Internship or Practice Teaching, is an important aspect of the B.Ed. programme, that provides the ground for convertingtheoretical knowledge into practice. The introduction of...See More

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