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(September 2015)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Efficacy of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Organizational Climate and Qualification in Rural and Urban Area of Munger District

Authors : [1] Bibhuti Kumar [2] Dr. Shakti Prasad Mishra

Abstract : The present study focuses on determining Teacher Efficacy of secondary school teachers in relation to their locale and Organisational Climate. Sample of the study consisted o...See More

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Title : A Study of Burnout Tendency of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Their Stress

Authors : Dr. Parveen Kumar

Abstract : ACKGROUND:Teachers are the pivot of the whole educational process. The future of the students as well as the progress of a nation depends on the physical, psychological, emot...See More

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Title : A Comparative Study of Stress Level Among Undergraduate Students

Authors : [1] Subhash Chandra [2] Ananya Singh

Abstract : The concept of stress was first used in life sciences by Han Selye in 1936. Stress defined it by referring to a set of circumstances in which an individual could not respond ...See More

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Title : Moblogging Type and its Relation with Usability and Development Knowledge Management Skills for Blind Students

Authors : Akram Fathy Mostafa

Abstract : The aim of the research was to explore the relation moblogging type (MB) on the usability and development Knowledge Management skills for Blind Students , the research follow...See More

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Title : Resilience, Suicidal Ideation, Depression and Adolescents

Authors : Rahul Kamble

Abstract : Suicidal ideation and Depression is becoming prevalent factor among college students. The number of cases of suicide and depression among college students is founding frequen...See More

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Title : Perceived Difficulties of English Language Teachers Towards Teaching Hearing Impaired

Authors : Vidhyanathan. S

Abstract : The main purpose of the study is to determine the perceived difficulties of English language teachers towards teaching hearing impaired in inclusive educational settings. A g...See More

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Title : An Action Research Study on Effect of Integrated Yoga on Personality of Employees with reference to Openness to Experience

Authors : [1] Chokkalingam [2] Dr. Sony Kumari [3] K. B. Akhilesh [4] H. R. Nagendra

Abstract : Aim: The purpose of writing the paper is to evaluate the impact of practice of Integrated Yoga on a personality trait of employees namely Openness to experience by using Big ...See More

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Title : Teaching of Science and Mathematics in High and Low Performing Secondary Schools

Authors : Mudassir Hussain Rather [2] Dr. Geeta Rani Sharma

Abstract : The present paper examines Teaching of Science and Mathematics in High and Low Performing Secondary schools.200 students (100 boys and 100 girls) were selected randomly from ...See More

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Title : Influence of Procrastination on Academic Achievement

Authors : [1] Dr. D. Ravi Shanker [2] Dr. Revathi Sampathirao

Abstract : A large body of research comprising the influence of procrastination and its effects on academic performance suggests that, there is relationship between procrastination and ...See More

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Title : Achieving Self-Efficacy, An Applied Method (ASEAM): An Educational-based Approach - Case Study in IRAN

Authors : [1] Azadeh Kardani [2] Mojdeh Kardani [3] Mitra Kardani

Abstract : ASEAM is a training-based method for reducing anxiety and depression based on Bandura’s theory of increasing self-efficacy. Our goal is to study the effects of practic...See More

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Title : Emotional Intelligence of Normal and Visually Impaired Adolescent Students: A Comparative Study

Authors : Dr. MunKalita

Abstract : Emotional intelligence (EI) is a new area of research in the Indian context. It is the ability or tendency to perceive, understand, regulate and harness emotions adaptively i...See More

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Title : The Social Aspect of Self- Regulation in Learning

Authors : Titik Kristiyani

Abstract : Motivation is a heart of student learning. Most of achievement motivation theories based on intrapersonal perspectives, and many theorists believe that internal motivation is...See More

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Title : Psycho- social challenges encountered by Adolescents from socially disadvantaged families: Some issues

Authors : [1] Monica S. Sharma [2] Dr. S.K Tripathi

Abstract : Early childhood trauma increases the risk for positive psychotic symptoms. Recent models suggest that early adversities may lead to psychological and biological changes that ...See More

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Title : Effects of Experiential Crowding on The Psychological Health of Adolescents: Some Issues

Authors : [1] Geetu P. Hotwani [2] Dr. S. K. Tripathi

Abstract : rowding refers to the feeling of others being too close versus them actually being too close. When someone is actually physically invading someone else’s space this pe...See More

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Title : Personality Characteristics of Indian Wrestlers and Basketball Players

Authors : Dr. Priyanka Yadav

Abstract : The aim of this study was to investigate personality of elite wrestlers and basketball players. Participants were 50 male basketball players and 50 wrestlers from India. Part...See More

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Title : Impact of Social Support in Handling The Academic Stress Among Nursing Students

Authors : [1] Dr. Altaf Ahmad Malla [2] Nasir Mohammad Bhat [3] Zahoor Ahmad Wagay

Abstract : The purpose of this study is to understand the importance of social support handling the academic stress among students. Simple random sampling was assigned to a number of 80...See More

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Title : Self-Esteem and Religiosity among Young Mizo Adults: A comparative gender study

Authors : Dr. C. Lalfakzuali

Abstract : The present study is a study that examines the gender differences and relationship between self-esteem and religiosity in a sample of 60 Mizo young adults studying in Mizoram...See More

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Title : Personality of Drug User College Students

Authors : Dr. Anil Kumar

Abstract : 300 undergraduate male college students were administred Eysenck Personality Questionnaire along with a Personal Data Schedule to examine whether the drug user and non-user c...See More

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Title : Effect of Socio-Economic Deprivation on Intelligence, Self-Concept and Academic Motivation

Authors : Dr. Anil Kumar

Abstract : 272 undergraduate male college students were administered Mohsin’s General Intelligence Test along with Singh’s Academic Inventory to examine whether the depriv...See More

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Title : Activity Based Learning (ABL): How it can be a recipe for success in mathematics?

Authors : Sumeet Khurana

Abstract : compulsory school attendance for many years. Mathematics is a part of our general education and all children have to study mathematics till class 10th. But most of the studen...See More

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