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(June 2015)

Article Title and Authors

Title : A Perspective Building Paper on Utilization of Psychometric Tests as A Mandatory Tool Before Recruiting Teachers as Education Leaders

Authors : Dr. Aditi Banerjee

Abstract : Aim -This paper has been written with a purpose of raising awareness about the wide spectrum of psychometric tests available for utilizing by HR personnel for recruitment. Th...See More

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Title : A Study on Awareness among Shikshamitras about Children with Mental Retardation

Authors : Vasudev Chaurasia

Abstract : This study was aimed (i) to determine the level of awareness about the children with mental retardation among shikshamitra of Basti district of Uttar Pradesh state and (ii) t...See More

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Title : Personality and Test Anxiety of School Students

Authors : [1] Senthil Kumaran J [2] Dr. S. Kadhirava

Abstract : Present-day students experience a cut-throat competition at all levels of education. They have been sensitized well in home and school to excel at all academic pursuits. Furt...See More

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Title : Strengthening Memory Engrams Through Computer Based Concept Mapping

Authors : [1] Divya. K.K. [2] Dr. P. Usha

Abstract : Long term retention is facilitated by the method of encoding process. Computer based concept mapping is an effective encoding strategy that can enhance retention among studen...See More

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Title : An Investigation about Life effectiveness of Student Teachers at Secondary Level

Authors : Dr. Betty. P. J

Abstract : Life is not simple for majority of the people. Within this quickly changing world there is a need for the students to develop the capacity to cope with their ever-changing en...See More

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Title : A Comparative Study on Mental Health of Students of Science and Art Subject

Authors : [1] Deepti Dhurandher [2] Alka Agrawal

Abstract : The study examined the mental health of students of science and art subject. The sample of the study consisted of 60 adolescents, 30 were boys and 30 were girls studying in 1...See More

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Title : Psycho Physiological Effect of Vethathiri Maharishi’s Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) Among Prison Inmates

Authors : U. Baskaran

Abstract : The Modern Prison Manual states that reformation, rehabilitation and re-socialization are the prime objectives of prison management. Correctional team in Tamilnadu prisons ha...See More

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Title : Swami Vivekananda’s Philosophy of Work and Its Relevancy with Modern Era

Authors : [1] Ms. Richa Tripathi [2] Dr. K.P. Singh [3] Dr. Sandeep Verma

Abstract : We often wonder what would be the relevance of the message of a monk today, who was born more than 100 years ago, lived the life of a mendicant and left for his heavenly abod...See More

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Title : Effect of Inductive Thinking Model on Achievement in Scientific Creativity of Class IX Students

Authors : Meenaksh

Abstract : In the present study the effect of Inductive Thinking Model on achievement in Scientific Creativity of class IX students was investigated. Non-randomised pre-test-post-test c...See More

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Title : Application of Behavior Therapy for The Management of Problem Behavior Among School Going Children

Authors : [1] Dr. Gopal Chandra Mahakud [2] Shivani Arora [3] Jaspreet Kaur

Abstract : Problem behavior among school going children is now an emergent areas of research worldwide. Because children with problem behavior not only suffer the maladies in day to day...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Self Learning Modules on Achievement in Biology Among Secondary School Students

Authors : Dr. Padmapriya P.V.

Abstract : Educational technology implies the use of all modern media,methods,materials,practices,theories and principles for maximizing the learning outcomes.It facilitate learning by ...See More

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Title : School Effectiveness In Relation to Leadership Behaviour

Authors : [1] Joyce Mary Claris D’Sa [2] Dr. G. Sheela

Abstract : The research study was undertaken to investigate the School Effectiveness in relation to Leadership Behaviour of the Heads of Secondary Schools. The study was conducted on a ...See More

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Title : School Learning Culture and School Effectiveness of Secondary Schools

Authors : [1] Joyce Mary Claris D’Sa [2] Dr. G. Sheela

Abstract : The research study was undertaken to investigate the School Learning Culture and School Effectiveness of Secondary Schools. The study was conducted on a sample of 451 student...See More

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Title : Developing Self Efficacy in Socioeconomically Deprived Students - Interventional Possibilities for Teachers

Authors : [1] Prof. (Dr.) S. V. Sudheer [2] Dr. Geetha Gopinath

Abstract : Socioeconomic backwardness causes developmental deficits and children from deprived families are at a disadvantage as the lack of academic skills prevents these children from...See More

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Title : A Study of Pattern Identification Ability of Mathematics Students using ‘Self Guided Learning Method’ and ‘Teacher Guided Learning Method’ exposed to the constructivist approach

Authors : [1] Priyadarshini Deoghare [2] Dr. Shashi Wanjari

Abstract : Children are curious, inventive and constantly ask queries. In childhood they grow and change. This involves developing one’s physical and mental capacities to the ful...See More

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Title : Religion and Gender Role Perception: An Empirical Study Among Adolescent Girls in Kerala

Authors : [1] Dr. Moly Kuruvilla [2] Nisha P.

Abstract : Adolescent girls often struggle with certain specific challenges and they are unable to pick up correct habits and behaviours during this stage. A closer analysis of the issu...See More

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Title : A Study on Adjustment Pattern and Emotional Intelligence of Visual Impaired Adolescents

Authors : [1] Priyanka Dutta [2] Dr. Debasri Banerjee [3] Prof. Pranab Kumar Chakrabarti

Abstract : India has a large number of blind population.. The National Sample Survey carried out in 2011 estimated that, there are about 4 million blind populations in the country. It i...See More

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Title : A Study of Emotional Maturity of Tribal and Non-Tribal Pre-adolescents in Melghat Region

Authors : Mr. Aashish O. Khule

Abstract : The tahsil of Chikhaldhara and Dharni in Amravati District from Maharashtra is known as the part of Melghat.It is the most primitive area where tribalsare living. The aim of ...See More

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Title : The Effect of Locus of Control and Education on Mental Health

Authors : [1] Dr. Sukanya [2] Dr. Shivakumar S .Chengti

Abstract : The objective of the present study has been to assess the effect of locus of control and level of education on mental health status of respondents studying in different educa...See More

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Title : A Study of Social Maturity Among Juvenile Delinquents of Bangalore City

Authors : A. Chandrashekar

Abstract : The main purpose of this study was to find out whether there is a significant difference in the social maturity of Juvenile delinquents from rural and urban background and to...See More

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Title : Contribution of Rabindranath Tagore to the field of Education Reform Movement and his philosophy of education in the present context of education system of Bangladesh

Authors : [1] Dr. Akter Banu [2] Md. Shafiqul Alam

Abstract : Rabindranath Tagore played a pioneering role in expanding modern education and social mobilisation on the 19th and early 20th century Indian society. His philosophy of educat...See More

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Title : Teaching Aptitude and Job Satisfaction of Rural and Urban In-service Teachers – A Comparative Study

Authors : [1] Syeed Shabir Ahmad [2] Dr. Geeta Rani Sharma

Abstract : A prospective teacher is always prepared to learn more. The professional growth of a teacher does not cease when he leaves the training institute. In fact he begins to learn ...See More

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