International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2014)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Value Orientation in Higher EducationChallenges and Role of Universities and Colleges: Retrospect and Future Options

Authors : Dr. M.M. Gandhi

Abstract : This comprehensive paper argues that Education plays an important role in the process of social change. It is very potential instrument, a powerful medium of bringing about c...See More

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Title : Understanding the Learning Styles and its Influence on Teaching/Learning Process

Authors : Mehraj Ahmad Bhat

Abstract : The construct of learning style has recently assumed a special significance in education context. Many psychologists have expressed the belief that the way student prefer to ...See More

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Title : Role of Personality Factors in Experiencing Psychological Distress among Adolescents

Authors : [1]Dr. Fareeda Shaheen [2] Dr. Musaddiq Jahan [3] Dr. Sayeeda Shaheen

Abstract : Purpose of the present study was to investigate the role of personality factors in experiencing psychological distress among adolescents. The sample comprised of 200 (100 mal...See More

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Title : Altering Low Self-Efficacy and High Stress Through Loud Reading, Movie Watching, And Association of Neighboring High Self Efficacy Child - A Case Study of Low - Efficacy Student

Authors : [1] Pramod Kumar Madeshia [2] Dr. M. K. Tyagi

Abstract : Most important of this case study is to see the effect of pre-determined strategies of “movie-watching, association of neighboring high self-efficacy child on raising t...See More

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Title : A Comparative Study on Reading Performance among Private and Government School Students

Authors : [1] Sunena Sharma [2] Dr. Jyoti Gau

Abstract : Reading is a basic life skill. It is a cornerstone for a children success in school and indeed, throughout life. Without the ability to read well, opportunities for personal...See More

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Title : Influence of Self-Efficacy, Perceived Parental Autonomy Support, Perceived Social Support on Subjective Well-Being of Adolescents through Flow Experiences

Authors : [1] Divya Palaniappan [2] V. D. Swaminathan

Abstract : Current trends suggest that the emphasis on academic success is high. Adolescents are coaxed to pursue their academic interests seriously by parents and significant others wh...See More

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Title : Practices to Promote Inclusive Education in Regular Teacher Training Programme

Authors : [1] Ms. Shobha N.Odunavar [2] Ms. Palnaty Vijetha [3] Mr. Devaraj

Abstract : Inclusive Education means all children have the right to education that caters to the extent possible to their individual needs. This involves mainstreaming children with spe...See More

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Title : Effect of Multi Media Teaching on Achievement in Biology

Authors : [1] Dr. C.V. Satyaprakasha [2] Yaspal Sudhanshu

Abstract : The term ‘Multimedia instructional systems’ refers to the user of appropriate and carefully selected verities of learning experiences which are presented to the ...See More

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Title : Impact of Caregiver Attributes on Education of Young Children with Hearing Impairment

Authors : [1] Dr. G. Malar [2] Ms. P. V. Manjula [3] Ms. P. V. Ramana Kumari [4] Ms. B. N. Shobha [5] Ms. C. Latha

Abstract : Education and training of young children with special needs is a challenging task. In a country of limited rehabilitation resources like India, the onus of this Himalayan tas...See More

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Title : Women in Indian Television Advertisement: A Feminist Observation

Authors : Dr Rajiv Ranjan Dwivedi

Abstract : Feminists concerns in India have been one of the top priorities despite certain drastic socio-economic truths about women. Right from the Vedic period to the post modern time...See More

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Title : Adolescents of Shillong: Their Reactions to Frustration

Authors : [1] Dr. Yodida Bhutia [2] Bhalang Sungoh

Abstract : Frustration is the state of some desire or tendency being unfulfilled. Evidently, frustration is the outcome of obstacle in the part of an individual’s goal or objecti...See More

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Title : A Study on Academic Achievement of 9th Standard Students in Relation to their Parental Behavior

Authors : [1] Sanjeev Salunke [2] Narayana Swamy

Abstract : To a child, a parent is most important in his life. Being involved in child’s life parents shapes the morals, values and manners. These morals and manners will help th...See More

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Title : Work Motivation of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Organizational Climate

Authors : Dr. Joselin J Russe

Abstract : Motivation is a force leading to choices among alternatives. Such a definition does minimum violence to any particular theoretical position, and still has the flavor of pract...See More

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Title : Inclusive Education-Barriers to Learning

Authors : Dr. K. S. Kanti

Abstract : Inclusion is: a social and educational philosophy. Those who believe in inclusion also believe that all people are valuable members of mainstream society, whatever their diff...See More

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Title : Mental Health of Adolescents in Relation to Types of School and School Environment

Authors : Dr. Surender Kumar Sharma

Abstract : This study attempts to find out the relation in mental health and school environment of adolescent students. Mental health of human being affects at every stage of life. But ...See More

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Title : Perception of Teachers on Commercialization of Higher Education in India

Authors : Tania Gupta

Abstract : The paradigm shift in higher education from service to business is a growing concern today. The decade of 2000's has been associated with the processes of expansion, privatiz...See More

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Title : Soft Skills and Teacher Accountability in the Context of Quality Education

Authors : Dr. Vijaya Kumari S.N

Abstract : Teachers are the catalytic agents of change and focus in any society should be to provide Teacher Education of the highest quality. Quality Teacher Education leads into Quali...See More

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