International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2018)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Accepting Lies Through the Tunnel Effect; An Analogy Between Physics and Psychology

Authors : Jose A. Martinez

Abstract : Explaining how some individuals are able to accept a lie as the truth, even when there is overwhelming proof that it is, in fact, a lie, is a difficult task that encompasses ...See More

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Title : The Effects of Achievement Motivation and Perceived Teacher Involvement in Academic Tasks on the Academic Achievement and Psychological Well-being of Rural Students in the Interior Sabah Division, Malaysia

Authors : Getrude C. Ah Gang @ Grace, Crispina Gregory K Han, Lay Yoon Fah, Lawrence Alan Bansa

Abstract : This study examines the effects of achievement motivation and perceived teacher involvement on academic achievement and psychological well-being of rural students in the Inte...See More

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Title : Mental health research of “Children in Conflict with the Law”: A Conceptual Analysis of some Ethical Issues in the Context of Child Sexual Abuse

Authors : [1] Kalpana Purushothaman [2] Tripathi S K

Abstract : Abstract: While the broad ethical principles guiding researchers conducting research with human or animal subjects can still be applied to research with children, some addit...See More

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Title : A Comparative Study on Indian and International Prospective of Domestic Violence

Authors : [1] Ms. Gurnoor Kaur [2] Ms. Malika Oberoi

Abstract : In the present modern era the state has undertaken the responsibility for the adequate protection of the individual and to provide the reasonable opportunity to every person ...See More

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Title : Can I play on the Computer? The Construct of Digital Play from the Perspective of UK Nursery-aged Children in Early Childhood Settings

Authors : Hani Almehrz

Abstract : The study reported here explores nursery-aged children’s perceptions of ICT-based experiences. A series of ethnographic case studies was conducted in three private nur...See More

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Title : Peer2peer Learning Among Youth (PLAY): An Innovative Initiative in a Rural Elementary School in India

Authors : S. Rangarajan

Abstract : This paper presents a unique and universal scheme to improve the performance of every student. We present a recent case study conducted in a rural elementary school located i...See More

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Title : Leadership Style of Head Teachers at Secondary Level in West Bengal

Authors : [1] Mr. Shankar Barman [2] Dr. Ramakanta Mohalik

Abstract : The main purpose of this paper is to study the leadership style of head teachers at secondary level as perceived by teachers. Survey research method was applied for studying ...See More

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Title : How to Conduct an Effective Literature Review and its Management

Authors : [1] Jagadeesh Panda [2] Padala Alekya

Abstract : Literature review can be instructive, evaluative, and useful synthesis of a specific topic. It can establish what is familiar and unfamiliar in the particular area, identify ...See More

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Title : The Effects of Perfectionism and Negative Repetitive thoughts on School Burnout among Hong Kong College Students

Authors : [1] Christopher H. K. Cheng [2] Bonnie K. Y. Lai

Abstract : Perfectionism is known to be predictive of school burnout. However, the adaptive and maladaptive dimensions of perfectionism have yet to be examined with the specific aspects...See More

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Title : B.Ed. students’ life experiences

Authors : Dr. S. Geetha

Abstract : Life is a state that distinguishes organisms from non-living objects or dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism and reproduction. A motivational, develo...See More

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Title : Learning Outcomes of Elementary Schools in the BIMARU States of India: A Study of National Achievement Survey

Authors : Dr. Bhanu Pratap Pritam

Abstract : Government of India and all the State governments have been investing huge financial outlay for school education in general and elementary education in particular in the last...See More

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Title : Cognitive Behavior Therapy for students with psychological problems of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS): A Prospective study

Authors : [1] P. Pangajam [2] T. Veeramani

Abstract : Premenstrual symptoms are affecting up to 75 percent of women population. It affects the physical and psychological wellbeing of women, and also it impairs their social funct...See More

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Title : Depression, Anxiety and Stress Among Patients Receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy and Its Associated Factors; A Cross Sectional Study in Primary Care Clinics, Malaysia

Authors : [1] Mohd Aznan Md Aris [2] Abdul Hadi Said [3] Tin Myo Han [4] Faiza Abdullah [5] Nurakmal Mohd Sahar [6] Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Hamid [7] Muhammad Farisham Mohd Khanafiah [8] Muhammad Syahir Mohamad Fauzi [9] Ramzi Akram Mohamad

Abstract : Objectives: Several studies have reported the high prevalence of psychiatric problems in patients receiving Methadone Maintenance Therapy. This study measured the prevalence ...See More

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Title : Significance of Breakfast on Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Level of School Children: A Systematic Review

Authors : [1] Prashant [2] Yashwant Kumar Rao [3] Namrata Singh [4] Kirti Amresh Gautam

Abstract : Breakfast refers to the first meal which is taken in the morning and taken before the start of daily activities. Researchers have demonstrated a link between eating breakfast...See More

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Title : Investigating the association between Intimacy and HIV Vulnerability among University Teacher Trainees

Authors : Loyce K Kobusingye

Abstract : The study reveals research findings from a study conducted on 557 university students undergoing teacher training. The investigation analyses the relationship between both em...See More

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