International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2016)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Academic self-concept and academic outcome of the graduate students: The mediating role of socioeconomic status and gender

Authors : [1] Sandeep Kumar Gujare [2] Gyanesh Kumar Tiwari

Abstract : The present study aimed to inquire into the nature and extent of impacts exerted by academic self-concept, socioeconomic status and gender on the academic achievement of the ...See More

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Title : Psychosocial functioning in Special Learning Difficulties Self – reports in a sample of Greek adolescents with SLDs

Authors : [1] Bozas A. Antonios [2] Bonti Elina [3] Kouimtzi Eleni – Maria [4] Zacharias Kyritsis [5] Karageorgiou Ioannis

Abstract : This study investigated the co – existence of psychosocial syndromes in a sample of 110 adolescents who visited a psychoeducational center for evaluation or re-evaluat...See More

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Title : The Effect of Perceived Structure of Classroom on the Choice of Problem, Effort, Persistence and Academic Performance

Authors : Fatemeh Bayanfar

Abstract : The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of perceived classroom structures on the choice of problem, effort and persistence in practical tasks and academic per...See More

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Title : Study of Environmental Behaviour of Secondary School Students in Relation to their Environmental Ethics

Authors : [1] Dr.Umme Kulsum [2] Shankarappa. M

Abstract : In recent decades, many environmental problems have increased as the result of human activities and unplanned management of the technological development those interference...See More

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Title : Gender and Adjustment: A Comparative study of Grade VIII Students

Authors : [1] Prof. Dr. Usha Mishra [2] Suman Pandey

Abstract : The objective of this study was to make comparison between girls and boys students on adjustment. The adjustment considered here were emotional, social and educational. A sam...See More

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Title : Inclusion a Reality or Dream?

Authors : Shrabanti Sen

Abstract : Inclusive education has always been a debated model with Special schools. Special schools no wonder ensures an individual attention and need based curriculum for the student ...See More

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Title : Study of Performance Appraisal in Organized and Unorganized Beauty Salons in Delhi/NCR

Authors : [1] Kajal Kiran [2] Dr. Jaya Yadav

Abstract : Performance appraisal is a very important instrument for effective management, but little has been explored its usage in beauty salon industry. This research is an attempt to...See More

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Title : Structural Barriers in Implementing Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs: A Qualitative Approach Towards Zero Rejection

Authors : Shruti Pandey

Abstract : Inclusive education can be referred as the opportunity towards building an inclusive society for a diverse group of learners. The process of inclusion requires building the r...See More

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Title : Physiological and Psychological Factors and Academic Stress of Students

Authors : [1] Sunilima [2] Arun Kumar

Abstract : The purpose of this study was to explore the physiological and psychological factors affecting academic stress of students on the basis of the previous study and the review o...See More

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Title : Pilot Evaluation of The “Partners as Friends” Couples Counseling Model

Authors : Floyd F. Robison

Abstract : Robison (2016) described a brief procedure (Partners as Friends) for counseling couples that could be easily understood and used by mental health, medical, and social service...See More

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Title : An Analysis of Secondary school students’ opinion on learning Science as a subject of Study

Authors : Dr. S. Geetha

Abstract : Learning is mind illuminating activity learner has to be initiated to this learning. Learning not only depends on intelligence but also on the level of interest and attitude ...See More

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Title : Impact of Drama as a Therapy for Teaching Social-Communication Skills on Children with ASD

Authors : [1] Dr. Kadambari Naniwadekar [2] Aishwarya Ravi [3] Sreevidya M.S

Abstract : Drama as a therapy has numerous research studies to prove its significance. This therapy and studies related to it were however limited to the west. In recent times the trend...See More

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Title : Efficacy of Early Stimulation and Intervention in Treatment of Children with Multiple Disabilities- A Case Study

Authors : [1] K. Anjana [2] Kadambari Naniwadekar [3] Shobha B.N

Abstract : Early stimulation and intervention plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of children with multiple disabilities. Children with multiple disabilities often lack in overall ...See More

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Title : Attitudes of High school teacher towards the pupil participation in Janma Bhoomi programme in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh

Authors : Dr. A. Dhanalakshm

Abstract : The present investigation was an attempt to determine attitudes of high school teachers towards the pupil participation in janma bhoomi programme inGuntur district of Andhra ...See More

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Title : Study the Decision Making Skills of Govt. & Private Secondary School Principals: An Evaluation

Authors : Ms. Menka

Abstract : Decision making is selecting appropriate option from different options. For any human being decision making is very necessary as this is the main criteria for judging the men...See More

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Title : Religiosity among Higher Secondary School Teachers in Keral

Authors : [1] Dr. B. Tamilselvi [2] Sindhu. B

Abstract : Everybody who belongs to a religion thinks that his or her religion is the greatest, scientific etc. The relationship between the level of religiosity and the level of educat...See More

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Title : Enhancing Academic Achievement of Students Through Constructivist Teaching (CT) and Technology Based Constructivist Teaching (TBCT)

Authors : [1] Parasurama. D [2] Dr. S. Srikanta Swamy

Abstract : The present school education system emphasis on constructivist education environment. It is learner centered education, considersstudentsare notas passive learners but active...See More

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Title : Impact of Curriculum Transaction Strategies on Students Attitude Towards the Subject of Economics

Authors : Prachi Nadda

Abstract : Attitude is one of the most important factor in helping students get through the highs and lows of life, since attitude spells how a person copes. Whatever perspective studen...See More

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Title : Leadership Development in India: Relooking at the 70:20:10 model

Authors : [1] Shilpa Kabra Maheshwari [2] Dr. Jaya Yadav

Abstract : Leadership Development is a strategic priority for organizations . Widely used approaches to build leadership have relied on the 70:20:10 model as advocated by McCall and Lom...See More

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Title : Intervention on the Theory of Mind Through ICT Based Social Stories Self- Instructional Module - Teacher’s Perspective

Authors : [1] Philip, Diana Lil [2] Pujari, Jayanti

Abstract : Children having Autism with Intellectual disabilities have deficits in development and extreme overt behavior, along with marked social deficits are considered a prominent tr...See More

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Title : Spiritual Intelligence, Living Status and Adjusment: A Study on Senior Citizens

Authors : Dr Prerna Purohit

Abstract : The present study was carried out to examine the role of spiritual intelligence , living status and gender on adjustment and its various domains (health, home, social, marita...See More

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Title : Teaching Aptitude of Elementary Teacher Trainees in Kerala

Authors : [1] Leema K M [2] Dr. T. Mohamed Saleem

Abstract : Primary teachers with right aptitude in teaching profession can only nurture small children, to become successful and empathetic citizens. The current study intended to evalu...See More

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Title : Reservation Discrepancies in Admissions in Jammu and Kashmir

Authors : Hilal Ahmad Najar

Abstract : Reservation in admissions as affirmative actions has survived on different reasons: one to drive diversity in educational institutions and policy sectors and another to compe...See More

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