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IJEPR | International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

(Print and Online Peer Reviewed Journal)

Print - ISSN: 2349 - 0853
e - ISSN: 2279 - 0179


(March 2022)

Article Title and Authors

Title : New Education Policy 2020: A New Ray for the Education

Authors :

Shweta Verma

Abstract : New Education Policy 2020 has brought a new ray of education in India. The right to education gives us the right to educateourselves as well as our next generation. This is a ...See More

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Title : A Study of Academic Procrastination and Academic Anxiety among Senior Secondary School Students

Authors :

Arvinder Kaur , Dr. P. C. Jena

Abstract : Procrastination has become one of the most researched topics in education due to its negative effects on school students.Academic procrastination has been used to describe the...See More

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Title : Emerging Health Issues and Psychology

Authors :

Vibha Madan

Abstract : Health psychology is concerned with the different types of ways to promote health by all means and to avoid and prevent illness.Health psychologists both study such issues lik...See More

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Title : Study on the School Children Under Different Strata, in Different Situations: Analyze the Characteristics and Compare with Jean Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development

Authors :

Dr. Temsurenla

Abstract : Learning is a process of acquiring new or modifying existing behaviourskills, value or performance. The ability to learn ispossessed by all human beings, whereas a child abili...See More

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Title : Evaluating the Factors Influencing Child Development and Strategies used by Educators in Teaching Low-performance Children in an International Preschool

Authors :

Gurdip Kaur , Saminder Singh

Abstract : Child development entails the psychological, emotional and biological adjustments that occur in human beings between birthand the ending of adolescence. A child's life, from c...See More

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Title : Children’s Subjective Film Evaluation

Authors :

Dr. Sweety Lakra , Dr. Sudhakar Venukapalli

Abstract : The purpose of this study was to learn more about children's subjective cinema ratings of recent films. The main questionaddressed in this study is what aspects children consi...See More

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Title : Role of Yoga Program in Enhancing Yoga Self-efficacy of Employees in Healthcare Industry During Covid: An Empirical Study

Authors :

Dr. Monika Soni

Abstract : The adverse impact of Covid-19 can be felt at all spheres of life. It has not only affected people physically but also adverselyaffected the mental and emotional health. Healt...See More

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Title : Gandhi and his Ideologies about Women and their Education I. INTRODUCTION Women have

Authors :

Dr. Pooja Rani , Dr. Sunil Kumar

Abstract : Women hold an important position in society. They constitute about 52% of the overall population of the country. In present timesthey play prominent roles in political, cultur...See More

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Title : Satisfaction and Comfort towards E-Learning among Nursing Students

Authors :

Raji Kaliyaperumal , Vinoth Raman , Rajakumari

Abstract : Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an online system was required, one of which was e-learning. The use of e-learning aroused a lotof interest from both students and lecturers. So t...See More

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Title : Parents’ Awareness and Experience on Functioning of Police in Juvenile Justice System with Reference to Boys in Conflict with Law

Authors :

Anshit Baxi

Abstract : Child in conflict with law is child under the age of 18 years who are alleged of committing a crime. Children involved in criminalactivities are a neglected population within ...See More

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Title : STEM Approach and 21st Century Skills: Attitude of Secondary School Students of Kerala

Authors :

Noufal P.

Abstract : The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitude towards Science, Mathematics, engineering and technology, and 21stcentury skills of secondary school students of Kera...See More

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