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(December 2015)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Teacher Adjustment in Relation to Teaching Aptitude of Secondary School Teachers in Shillong

Authors : [1] Dr. Yodida Bhutia [2] Swapnadeep Dey

Abstract : Man, among the living beings, has the highest capacities to adapt to new situations. Man as a social animal not only adapts to physical demands but he also adjusts to social ...See More

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Title : Disability and Subjective Well Being in Patients of Schizophrenia

Authors : [1] Gaurav Kumar Giri [2] Mir Insha Ali [3] Neyaz Ahmad

Abstract : Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects approximately 1% of the global population. It is one of the most debilitating psychiatric disorders. The pr...See More

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Title : Classroom Management for Effective Teaching

Authors : Ritu Chandra

Abstract : Teachers play a major role for effective class conduction. It is the responsibility of the teacher to make his /her class interesting so that students are keen to attend and ...See More

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Title : Relationship Between Attitude Towards Teaching Profession and Teachers’ Self - Efficacy Beliefs

Authors : Dr. B. M. Hurakadli

Abstract : In the context of the present study, we dealt with personal and general efficacy: i) Personal teaching efficacy is the teachers’own expectations that they will be ablz...See More

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Title : Marital Adjustment Among Patients With Depression

Authors : Anubha Srivastava

Abstract : This study explored marital adjustment among patients with depression. Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) ( Beck, Steel & Brown, 1996) and Marital Adjustment Inventory (Ha...See More

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Title : A Quantitative Study on Indian IT Professionals to Validate the Integrated Model on Job Stress

Authors : [1] Pammi Shesha Srinivas [2] Sony Kumari [3] Katte Bharathiramanachar Akhilesh [4] Hongsandra Ramarao Nagendra

Abstract : Impact of mental strain caused by Job stress in workforce, is much researched topic in this digital age. It is generally accepted that mental strain caused by excessive stres...See More

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Title : A Critical Analysis on Constructivive Learning for Its Effective Usage in Classroom Situations

Authors : Wikcrama Kankanamge Don Keerthirathne

Abstract : Iconstructivism, which emerged in the second half of the 20th century, is a recent theory introduced to the world of education. Presently, educational psychologists motivate ...See More

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Title : Promoting Commercialization through Internationalization of Higher Education

Authors : Dr. Tania Gupta

Abstract : Post 1991 economic reforms, a new form of globalization called ‘academic globalization’ has emerged. Neo- liberalism has spread its clutches globally in the sphe...See More

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Title : Attachment: The Roots of Love

Authors : [1] Vidushi Dixit [2] Arun Kumar

Abstract : The present study was planned to review the literature and explore the relationship between attachment and love. On the basis of the literature it was found that attachment l...See More

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Title : Effect of Speciallly Designed Instructional Material in Improving The Reading and Writing Ability Among Slow Learners

Authors : Mareena Seema Sequeira

Abstract : Human being is the most complex and dynamic creation of God. Most of the learning in him takes place before he is an adult. An impediment to any aspect of this learning creat...See More

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Title : Academic Self - Handicapping in Adolescents: Predictors and Implications

Authors : Asha Kumari. B

Abstract : The process of education helps in holistic development of learners by enabling them to develop needed adequacies, competencies, skills to deal successfully with real-life sit...See More

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Title : EFL Teachers Classroom Assessment Purposes

Authors : Saefurrohman

Abstract : The new language assessment policy in the Indonesia has impact on English teachers’ assessment practices. Classroom assessment; as mandated in the current curriculum s...See More

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Title : A Study of Mental Health of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Their Job Satisfaction and Job Stress.”

Authors : [1] Mr. Suresh K.S. [2] Dr. Haseen Taj

Abstract : Mental health is a very ambiguous term because it is difficult to agree on its general application in a single context. Mental health is not a very precise term and the fiel...See More

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Title : Critical Analysis of Hindi Text Book of Class ‘Four’

Authors : Ms. Bhawana Sharma

Abstract : Role of textbook in teaching learning process is inevitable. A good textbook helps in achieving goals of teaching learning process. Keeping in mind, the criteria of a good te...See More

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Title : American Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Key Economic Sectors of India

Authors : Anjali Bhati

Abstract : Globalization, no doubt, came as a boon for developing nations and brings myriads of new opportunities for the developed nations also. Various activities of a nation became n...See More

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Title : Adolescent Mental Health is Endangered Due to Changing Family Patterns Among Different Social Groups in India

Authors : [1] Dr. Vikas S. Kamble [2] Prof. L. A. Kumaje

Abstract : ndia has an approximately threepercent adolescent population compare to thewhole population. They are not in large numbers but also they are a future of India. But day by day...See More

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Title : Social Dominance Orientation Among Different Social Groups Leads to Cast Discrimination Attitude and Communal Violence in India (Breaking a vicious cycle through Ambedkar thoughts)

Authors : [1] Dr. Bharat A. Naik [2] Dr. Vikas S. Kamble

Abstract : This paper examines the social dominance perspective in the Indian context. Using social dominance theory (Sidanius & Pratto, 1999) as guiding theoretical frameworks, we test...See More

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Title : A Study of Life Satisfaction and Optimism in Relation to Psychological Well-Being Among Working and Non Working Women

Authors : Dr. Fareeda Shaheen

Abstract : Purpose of the present investigation was to study the life satisfaction and optimism in relation to psychological well being among working and non working women. The sample c...See More

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Title : Acquisition of Basic Geometric Concepts Among Students Who Have Completed Class VIII

Authors : [1] Chandrani Acharya [2] Aditi Ghose

Abstract : Geometry is a subject, the cognition of which is paramount in developing visual-spatial skills among children. Cognition of basic ideas of geometry is also required to explic...See More

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Title : Local Level Administrative Reforms and Management of School Education in India

Authors : Dr. Rajvir Singh Tyagi

Abstract : The major concerned of education policy reforms has always been to make the delivery of educational programmes more effective. Since schools are the ultimate delivery points ...See More

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Title : Behavioral and Psychological Profile of Indian Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Authors : Dr. M. Archana Simon

Abstract : Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, first described by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman in 1845, is not a recent discovery. According to the DSM-IV TR, Attention Deficit Hyperactiv...See More

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Title : A Study of Teacher as a Researcher: Constraints and Restraints

Authors : KiranWalia

Abstract : In the present paper the an attempt is made to explore and delineate the status of awareness amongst school teachers of district Ludhiana about their subject related research...See More

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Title : Effect on Planned On-the-Job Training (OJT) to Performance: Verification of Effect by Covariance Structure Analysis

Authors : [1] Masaaki Murakami [2] Yoshikatsu Fujita [3] Kazuhiko Tsuda

Abstract : It is necessary to carry out planned On-the-Job Training (OJT) effectively in order to develop human resources to address problems such as lack of personnel and time. Approac...See More

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Title : Intercessory Personal Attributes of Traditional Leaders in Handling Conflicts: Influence on Zimbabwe School Education.

Authors : [1] Retias Kubuma Makado [2] Dr S. Srinkanta Swamy [3] Prof. Leonorah Tendayi Nyaruwata

Abstract : The study was undertaken to establish essential personal intercessory attributes of traditional leaders in Zimbabwe in handling conflicts and their influence on Zimbabwe Scho...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Jigsaw Technique in Enhancing the Reading Comprehension Skills of Secondary Level Students in English

Authors : [1] Hema Ananthi. M [2] Sudha. S [3] Dr. Senthil Nathan. S

Abstract : The Jigsaw Technique Teaching is a method of organizing classroom activity that makes students dependent on each other to succeed. It breaks the class into groups and breaks ...See More

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Title : Time and Space in Indian Science and Philosophy

Authors : Dr. N. A. Perumal

Abstract : Philosophy of space and time is the branch of philosophy concerned with the issues surrounding the ontology, epistemology, and character of space and time. While such ideas h...See More

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Title : Adjustment Patterns of Students with Learning Disability in Government Schools of Chandigarh

Authors : [1] Samriti Sharma [2] Puneet Sandhu [3] Dr. Dazy Zarabi

Abstract : Adjustment is a necessary characteristic to live a peaceful and balanced life as a fully-functional individual. Adjustment refers to the harmonious relationship between a per...See More

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Title : A Study on the Principles of Management in Today's Perspectives from Bhagvat Geeta

Authors :


Abstract : The Bhagavad-Gita Before we look at the self knowledge and human capital development from the Bhagavad-Gita, we will introduction this ancient Indian philosophical text. Th...See More

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