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(March 2015)

Article Title and Authors

Title : The Impact of Academic Counseling on Study Habits of Adolescent Students-in Indian Government Schools

Authors : [1] Sri Bhagavad Gita Narahari [2] Anita Tewari

Abstract : : Utilizing one’s full potential is a dream. The aim is to study the impact of academic counseling on adolescents studying in government schools by adopting optimum st...See More

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Title : Modes of frustration causing burnout among Government & Non-government School Teachers

Authors : S.Goutami

Abstract : A teacher is seen as a counsellor to both students and parents, sometimes a nurse, and a social worker and even to some extent a parent for the students who are under his or ...See More

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Title : Emotional Intelligence and Social Maturity of Student Teachers at Elementary Lev

Authors : Pushpa M

Abstract : The present study examines the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Social Maturity of student teachers at elementary level. Emotional Intelligence and Social Matu...See More

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Title : Psychological Factors Associated with High and Low Achievement in Physics Among XII Standard Students of Villupuram District in Tamilnadu

Authors : Ayya Samy

Abstract : Scientific is related to the more thinking and knowledge of science relevant information. Comparison of the students in scientific aptitude, attitude, lactation (rural, urban...See More

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Title : Interactive Effect of Meta-Cognitive Strategies-based Instruction in Mathematics and Approaches to Learning on Mathematics Anxiety of Students

Authors : [1] Ms. Meenakshi Ingole [2] Shefali Pandya

Abstract : This paper attempts to ascertain the interactive effect of meta-cognitive strategies-based instruction in mathematics and approaches to learning on students’ mathemati...See More

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Title : A study of Scientific Attitude Among Regular D El Ed Student Teachers and Distance Mode in Service Untrained Student Teachers Through NIOS

Authors : Sanjay Kuma

Abstract : The study was conducted to enquire and explore the mental health of the adolescents. Mental health is not merely important but essential for survival as social being Adolesce...See More

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Title : “ To Be or Not To Be” Suicide: A “ Young ” Perspective

Authors : [1] Fr. Sanil Mathew [2] S.J. [3] Ms. Dipal Patel

Abstract : What is life? What is the meaning of life? What is death? Why do alarming numbers of youth of our time think of ending lives? Do the youth see suicide as an option to their p...See More

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Title : Predicting Commitment Among Married Women: Intimacy, Passion, Sexual Satisfaction, Big Five Personality Factors, Attachment Styles, and Happiness

Authors : [1] Parisa Donyadari [2] Zahra Yousefi

Abstract : This study investigated the relationships between five personality factors, attachment styles, intimacy, passion, happiness and sexual satisfaction with commitment among moth...See More

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Title : Research Studies on Effect of Cooperative Learning on Social Relations

Authors : Dr. C V Satyaprakasha

Abstract : Cooperative learning is an educational approach which aims to organize classroom activities into academic and social learning experiences. Cooperative learning requires stude...See More

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Title : Factors affecting Attitude towards teaching and its Correlates: Review of Research

Authors : Zafar Iqbal Zaid

Abstract : This article explores the agreements and contradictions existed in the findings of research concerned with Attitude towards teaching with respect to some demographic, academi...See More

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Title : Role of Self Efficacy and Intrinsic Motivation on Work Place Environment

Authors : [1] Deepali Dabas [2] Dr. Neelam Pandey

Abstract : Self-efficacy is the extent or strength of one's belief in one's own ability to complete tasks .It can be seen as the ability to persist and a person's ability to succeed wit...See More

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Title : The Effect of Marital Adjustment of Women in Relation to Emotional Maturity of Their Children

Authors : [1] Vinita Verma [2] Dr.M.S.Talawar

Abstract : All children, regardless of gender or age, are affected by marital conflict (Cummings, 1998; Cummings, Bal- lard, & El-Sheikh, 1991). Children are affected through both direc...See More

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Title : “A study on opinion of Teachers about role of Education in Sustainable Development”

Authors : Dr. Manju N. D.

Abstract : The research study was taken up to investigate the opinion of teachers towards role of education in sustainable development. The sample of 50 secondary School teachers from M...See More

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Title : A Study of Optimism and Self Esteem in Relation to Psychological Distress Among Professional and Non professional Students

Authors : Dr. Fareeda Shaheen

Abstract : Optimism and Self Esteem are important factor which play a key role in dealing with psychological distress, therefore the purpose of this study was to investigate the role of...See More

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Title : Investigation of Attitude of College Youth towards Infidelity

Authors : [1] Anchal Garg [2] Sonakshi Ruhela

Abstract : Infidelity can be considered as unfaithfulness expressed by being unreliable and cheating on the partner despite the commitment. Now days, infidelity is the most common reaso...See More

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Title : Family Life Environment

Authors : Dr. S. Geetha

Abstract : "No other success can compensate for failure in the home." –David O. McKay It's no stretch to say that a person has a serious advantage in life if they come from a lov...See More

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Title : Education – A Decisive Push from State to Market

Authors : Dr. Kuldip Puri

Abstract : India has a rich tradition of philanthropy in the field of education and a number of individuals and organizations have made significant contributions to spread education and...See More

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Title : Evaluation of the Balint Group Effect on Stress of a University Hospital’s Female Nurses in Isfahan, Iran

Authors : [1] NahalManouchehi [2] Mohsen Maroufi [3] Maryam Marofi

Abstract : The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Balint group on stress of nurses working in AL- Zahra hospital, Isfahan University of medical science, Isfahan, Ira...See More

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Title : Effect of Higher Qualification Teachers’ Personality, Teachers’Attitude and Teaching Effectiveness on Academic Achievement in Social Science Among Secondary School Students

Authors : [1] Hussainmiya D. H. [2] Dr. R. H. Naik

Abstract : The purpose of the study was to analyze Independent and Combined effects of Variables viz., Higher Qualification Teachers’ Personality (Introversion and Extroversion),...See More

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Title : Having Ears Can We Hear Their Need ?

Authors : [1] Dr. Geetha Gopinath [2] Rajesh S Vallicodu

Abstract : Hearing impairment is a very serious disability that affects a large percentage of our population. Early diagnosis and intervention are key to providing hearing impaired stud...See More

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Title : Petunia health

Authors :


Abstract : 6

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