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(December 2017)

Article Title and Authors

Title : The Reality and Legality of Child Pornography

Authors : [1] Bhavna Batra [2] Shivangni Srivastava

Abstract : “Unfortunately, we have also seen a historic rise in the distribution of child pornography, in the number of images being shared online, and in the level of violence as...See More

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Title : Factors behind the Differentiation of High and Low Level of Accomplishment among Students of Dooars Region of West Bengal towards Universalization of Elementary Education

Authors : [1] Gour Sundar Ghosh [2] Prasenjit Deb

Abstract : Education is the process of living through a continuous reconstruction of experiences. It is the development of all those capacities in the individual which will enable him t...See More

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Title : Promoting Strategies for Enhancing Quality of Primary Education in India towards Inclusive Growth

Authors : Dr. Rupesh Kumar

Abstract : Primary education is the first step towards the development of a nation which teaches us the basic fundamentals of code of conduct, perception and helping to maintain the rel...See More

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Title : Gender Based Comparative Analysis of Psychological Capital in R & D Organizations

Authors : [1] Pratibha [2] Dr. R. K. Sokhi

Abstract : This research paper critically examines gender based comparison of psychological capital in R & D organizations. For the purpose of the above said research paper, a sample of...See More

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Title : Findout The Relationship of Creativity with Introversion-extroversion Among Adolescent Students

Authors : [1] Dr. Vandana Aggarwal [2] Dr. Gaurav Sacha

Abstract : Systematic educational research in creativity is an important and fruitful field of endeavor. The problem as complex as the concept is are uncertain and the results often are...See More

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Title : A Study of The Opinion of Men Towards Working Women

Authors : Dr. Geetha S

Abstract : The study intended to bring to light the society’s changes. In the sense change in the attitude of men and their mindset which not stereotype. There are definite indic...See More

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Title : Governance, Management, and Leadership Defined in Ramayana

Authors :

Anjali Chugh, Dr N K Gupta

Abstract : The field of Governance, Leadership, and Management has been developed by learning from various disciplines of knowledge. It is said that the corporate learning are driven fro...See More

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Title : INNOVATION IN PROCESS FELLOWSHIP 2009/10 (Making children more aware and disciplined by making a balance between inner and outer world)

Authors :

Mrs. Renu Vashishta

Abstract : The importance of the internal world in making a balance with the external world in order to improve upon the undesirable behavior of the students. It illustrates that how the...See More

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Title : Relation between self regulated learning strategies and achievements in Secondary School students

Authors :

Niaranjana K P and Dr P Usha

Abstract : Relation between self regulated learning strategies and  achievements in Secondary School students

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Title : Parenting Style on Adolescent Multidimensional aspects by using MESPA Self Rating Scale& PSFFQ along with standardization

Authors :

Shyny T. Y.

Abstract : Current research was an effort to investigate Mental health ,Emotional intelligence, Self esteem ,Personality & Achievement motivation of adolescents associated with their...See More

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Title : B.Ed Learners of Achievement in Relation to Their Anxiety with Gender, Methodology and Locality

Authors :

Dr. K. C. Shankaraiah

Abstract : The study has been investigated on “B.Ed students of Achievement in relation to their Anxiety with Gender, Methodology and Locality variables”. The Investigator found that...See More

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