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(September 2017)

Article Title and Authors

Title : Crimes and Security in E-Banking

Authors : [1] Annirudh Vashishtha [2] Dr. Vijendra Singh

Abstract : Banks are an important institution of the economy for providing institutional credit to its customers. Abanking company in India is the one adding from the public, repayable ...See More

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Title : A Relationship between Emotional Maturity and Life Satisfaction among Employees

Authors : Tanya Tandon

Abstract : The current study investigates the relationship between Emotional Maturity and Life Satisfaction among Employees. Emotional Maturity is an aspect that is very close to the pe...See More

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Title : Differential Effects on Playing and Watching Videogames on the Problem Solving and Pro Social Behaviour of Middle School Students

Authors : [1] Dr. Smitha Baboo [2] Dr.Vasimalairaja

Abstract : Many researches that have done earlier on violent video games have deleterious effects (Anderson & Bushman, 2001; Anderson et al.). Contrary to conventional beliefs that play...See More

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Title : Conflict Resolution Among Children with Mild and Moderate Disabilities in Mainstream Classroom

Authors : Anjali

Abstract : This study is an attempt to investigate the conflict resolution among the disabled children in mainstream classroom. A sample of 404 children with special needs as identified...See More

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Title : Towards a mission to create Superior Learners World Cognition Project in Bhavan Vidyalaya School, Chandigarh a pilot study

Authors : Shruti Marwaha

Abstract : The in hand research study proposes the evaluation of cognitive abilities particularly Intelligence Quotient, Focus Factor, Decision making ability and Creative Quotient of a...See More

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Title : Effectiveness of Play way technique to teach prepositions to children with hearing impairment at primary school level

Authors : [1] Dr Alok Kumar Upadhyay [2] Mrs. Neetu Pandey

Abstract : The current study was undertaken to investigate the effectiveness of play-way technique in teaching preposition in primary school children with hearing impairment. ten childr...See More

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Title : Interactional Effect of Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence on Mental Health Status of Secondary School Students

Authors : [1] Dixon P. Thomas [2] Dr. K. V. Jeeva Rathina

Abstract : The study aims to find out the main effect and interaction effect of social intelligence and emotional intelligence on the mental health status of secondary school students o...See More

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Title : Work Related Stress of High School Teachers

Authors : Dr. A. Balamallika Devi

Abstract : Stress is inevitable in the execution of any piece of work in any organization. To certain extent it mobilizes individuals’ potentialities to work more effectively. S...See More

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Title : Personality Types as Correlates of Achievement

Authors : [1] Shuchita Awasthi [2] Dr. Santosh Vishvakarma

Abstract : The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of different personality types on academic achievement. 600 Participants were selected through quota sampling from Various ...See More

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Title : Analysis of the effectiveness of Self Questioning as a meta cognitive classroom practice on the academic achievement and the meta cognitive awareness of Malayalam language students at secondary level

Authors : Dr. Sreevrinda Nair. N

Abstract : Questioning is a rich resource to promote intellectual involvement of learners in the learning task to advance student thinking, learning and achievement. Effective use of qu...See More

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Title : Student preferences among the different teaching strategies employed by faculty in RAK Medical and Health Sciences University (RAKMHSU), UAE-An Interdisciplinary Study

Authors : [1] Zita Lobo [2] Rajani Dube [3] Omar Al Jadaan [4] Syed Arman Rabbani [5] Sudha Arumugam

Abstract : Background: Effective teaching learning methodologies beget effective learning in outcome based education. This study aimed at finding the teaching methodology that is most p...See More

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Title : A Study of Web 2.0 Technologies in Teaching-Learning Process

Authors : [1] Mohammad Shakique [2] Dr. Shazia Mansoori

Abstract : The present study explored the awareness and usage of Web 2.0 Technologies in the teaching learning process of students enrolled in the B.Ed. Course. Web 2.0 Technologies are...See More

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Title : Application of Standard Screening Test Tools For Preliminary Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Authors : [1] Vijaya V. Handore [2] Ganesh A. Mengane [3] Anita V. Handore*

Abstract : Population aging is a powerful and transforming demographic force occurring in almost all countries of the world. It has given rise to host of medical conditions like Alzheim...See More

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Title : Socio - Demographics of English Language Anxiety of Secondary School Students

Authors : [1] Beena Nanda Kumar [2] Dr. K. V. Jeeva Rathina

Abstract : The aim of the study is to find out the differential effect of selected socio-demographic factors on English language anxiety of secondary school students. The study was on a...See More

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Title : Effect of Problem-Focused and Emotion-Focused Coping Strategies on Academic Stress during Examinations

Authors : Dr Vikas Kamble

Abstract : A college student has to face a cut-throat competition and a number of other demands throughout the graduation. These demands lead to academic stress among them. If students c...See More

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Title : Transit Oriented Development

Authors :

Vishal Rai, Aryan Jain

Abstract : Contemporary cities are facing grave challenges pertaining to environmental sustainability. The pace of occurrence of planned development is not matching with the pace of i...See More

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